BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Friday, April 12, 2013

BP is Trimming the Dead Wood

Yesterday, at British Petroleum’s Annual General Meeting Bob Dudley , Group Chief Executive ,BP referenced the recent announcement that British Petroleum is divesting  its wind energy division .
 “I would ask you to see BP as a plant that has been carefully pruned. Right now it’s a little smaller, but healthier and stronger and in much better shape for future growth, and the green shoots are already coming through. 
“We are divesting non-strategic assets such as our wind business where others can generate more value. “ Said Dudley


Stay Focused said...

BP is trying to peddle their few remaining wind projects as being close to "shovel ready." An examination of those projects shows them to be a long, long way from being shovel ready.

For all the ads they run on TV BP in some ways acts like a 19th century company that assumes information is not available to the masses. (They must spend too much time with their leaseholders who don't want information - just checks.)

Anonymous said...

Well the Cape must be really dead wood, both the pro and anti wind people are included in the dead wood. Who ever takes over will have their hands full with this project unless BP's article 10 carries the weight for the new owner. Only time will tell, that's why I'm not donating any money to either group for lawyers fees.

Anonymous said...


What the hell are you talking about?

Please try to be clear.

Anonymous said...

7:02 Your money is safe.

BP is leaving town, there will be no replacement and when they leave town their lawsuit against the bloggers evaporates too. Those who have supported bloggers have also supported efforts to stymy BP and delay BP until the winds of change blew their Cape project off the table. Good riddance and thanks to all the supporters of small-town Cape Vincent.

Anonymous said...


You should continue to donate to the bloggers fund. There will likely be need for many counter suits against those pro wind, bp and their community organizer who have put the town in jeopardy just from the constant threat and speculation of industrial wind as well as personal accusations such as voter fraud that did not exist. Pro wind have done this area a lot of economic and social damage and their actions have been well documented thanks to the Cape Vincent bloggers.

I think if you watch what the public officials have done you will see the development of a good legal defense. Only option to save the leaseholders and bp from all the mess now is to leave. Which bp is doing by putting their big mess up for sale.

Anonymous said...

Note the woman smiling in the window. She is an outsider who came to CV to teach Marion's favorite people to dislike outsiders, seasonals, and wealthy retirees who own homes here and pay for more than half of the town's taxes. I would like to know how people like that sleep at night.
She and her bp community organizer mother have to realize that they have perhaps created one of the worse social disasters of industrial wind siting.

Anonymous said...

Many of us were there that day. She is looking out over little appalachia...Is she one the possessions to be turned over to the buyers of the cape debacle she helped to create?