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Sunday, April 7, 2013

BP wind sale highlights renewable energy struggles


BP said its U.S. wind energy assets include interests in 16 operating wind farms in nine states with a generating capacity of 2,600 megawatts, as well as other projects in various stages of development.

BP spokesman Matt Hartwig said the company would not discuss the value of the properties, which include 16 operating wind farms in nine states, as well as other projects.

BP’s shares closed down 24 cents, at $41.90 Wednesday.

The BP wind farms currently in operation contain nearly 1,500 wind turbines, according to the company.
The company also owns or co-owns wind farms in California, Colorado, Kansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Texas  :

Two in Pecos County, one of which has operated since 2008 and is a joint venture with NRG Energy. The second began operating in 2011 and is fully owned by BP.
The Silver Star 1 Wind Farm southwest of Dallas-Fort Worth began operating in 2008 and is fully owned by BP.
The Trinity Hills Wind Farm spans Archer and Young counties and opened in 2012; it is fully owned by BP.
 There has been no word on whether the properties are likely to be sold as a block or in pieces.

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