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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dear Acting Secretary Cohen and Members of the NYS Electric Generation Siting Board,

 March 25, 2013

Acting Secretary Cohen
New York State Public Service Commission
The Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12223

Case number: 12-F-0410 Cape Vincent Wind Power, LLC

Dear Acting Secretary Cohen and Members of the NYS Electric Generation Siting Board,

I have read many of the comments concerning BP’s proposed Wind Power Project in the Town of Cape Vincent that have been sent to your Board. Two of those that convey my feelings very well are Mary Hamilton’s submission of 11/29/2012, and David and Sheila Salvatore’s of 3/14/2013.
Many of the others have written about the uniqueness of this area. I would like to add how “one of a kind” and “special” our town is with its approximately thirty miles of pristine freshwater St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario shoreline. This includes eleven miles on the mainland bordering the river, six miles bordering the Lake, and thirteen miles total waterfront on the four Islands, Carleton, Grenadier, Fox, and Linda. Most people who spend some time here leave with the feeling that they hope to return at every opportunity. Many people find Cape Vincent a place to enjoy the “peace and quiet“, relax, fish, swim, boat, observe magnificent sunsets, and night time star-lit skies. Fortunate are those of us who live here year- round, and those who come to this place to rest, recreate, and rejuvenate.

Equally significant is the pleasant little village that borders the river, the country side with its open spaces, fertile land, quiet and nicely cared for fields and woods, night time moon and star-lit skies. I too have traveled to many places in the US and to other countries and though unique in many ways, to me they don’t have the appeal that the beauty of this area has.

I have traveled to the Wind Turbine development near Lowville, NY on about six different occasions and spent considerable time there, driving deep into this development on the Rector Road, Flat Rock Road, and Gardner Road. I have witnessed first hand some of the following issues about wind turbines that may not have been written about in the other comments. I want to emphasize for the board’s consideration:

Industrial Wind Turbines produce:

1. noise, generating both audible sound and inaudible sound. The latter is in the form of a compressed air wave that radiates out at about one cycle per second as each blade passes the trunk. This wave of sound energy is inaudible but travels considerable distances, enters buildings and causes vibrations in the rooms and in a persons body cavities (chest, eyes, throat and ears). As Dr. Nina Pierpont writes in her Executive Summary from her peer reviewed research and published book “Wind Turbine Syndrome“, this in turn causes in some people, illnesses such as sleep disturbance and deprivation, headache, tinnitus, (ringing in ears), dizziness, nausea, vertigo, irritability, panic episodes, etc. In the same summary from the book, she states,” This study and other studies reviewed in the report indicate that safe setbacks will be at least 2 km, (1.2 miles) and even longer for larger turbines and in more varied topography”.

Our Town Board has unanimously endorsed citizen committee’s recommendations that puts in place an amended Zoning Law that protects the Health, Safety and Welfare of all the citizens of this town. This Zoning Law has in place setbacks which provide protection for our citizens in order to avoid sickness and health problems as described above. I believe it is the Town Board's duty and responsibility first and foremost to protect the Health Safety and Welfare of the people they serve. To do otherwise would be a dereliction of their duties and violation of their Oath of Office which states in part “to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of New York State“. As I interpret it, in the New York State Constitution under Article IX, section 3c, sentence 10, local governments shall have the power to adopt and amend local laws in regard to the protection, order, conduct, safety, health and well being of persons or property therein. Our Town Board is doing exactly that. For the Governor appointed board to over rule this basic common sense protection as guaranteed in our constitution and provided for in our Zoning Law with the result of putting our citizen’s health at risk would in my opinion be a giant overstepping by our state government and abuse of their power.

2. giant shadows sweeping through properties as the blades intersect the suns rays.

3. shadow flicker, as these same shadows enter a building and cause the sensation of the lights being turned on and off at one cycle per second.

4. property value loss, estimates in the range of 40% to 100%. In the worse case, people can no longer live in their homes and their homes are not resaleable. If one is to research this topic and spend enough time at actual Wind Turbine Developments, it doesn’t take long to realize the obvious, “you don’t put these 420 to 500 foot high wind turbines where people live”!

5. a poor investment, are lacking in efficiency, only about 20% of the time are they capable of their rated output, (the wind salesman claims that such and such a wind mill development will provide power for 150,000 homes. They don’t comment on what these homes do for the other 80% of the time when they’re not producing), are high in cost to build, destructive of the land with miles of gravel roads, under ground trenches and overhead poles for transmission wires, and have a limited life, etc. Also, with this Town in the path of a major flyway, it is expected that thousands of birds would be killed similar to what has been reported at the nearby Wolfe Island, Ontario Wind Turbine Complex.

With our country borrowing money from China to provide subsidies for projects like this, with the US Treasury way beyond depleted resulting in an incomprehensible debt burden for future generations, and in the process destroying the natural beauty of our nations treasures, degenerating the physical and mental health of its citizens and robbing them of their peace and quiet, enjoyable use of their property and its value, something is very, very, seriously wrong.

Thank you for receiving my comments, and I invite the board to visit not only our town but also the Wind Development near Lowville and the places specified in the comments above. I offer my personal assistance for these visitations and in any other way that may be helpful. Also, I have included a copy on Dr. Pierpont’sExecutive Summary.

David H. Docteur
33163 NYS Rt. 12E
Cape Vincent, NY 13618

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