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Monday, April 15, 2013

Fort Drum, former Griffiss Air Force Base eyed as possible home for missile defense site

The Post-Standard 

on April 14, 2013  
Washington -- Central or Northern New York could become the site of a sprawling, $3.6 billion development that would bring the region hundreds of new jobs for well-paid engineers and technicians.

But there's one big catch: The community would have to welcome the nation's only missile defense site on the East Coast, where an array of at least 20 anti-missile interceptors would sit ready for firing in underground silos.

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Anonymous said...

You want jobs? This would make jobs. And there is a real national security issue here. The old Soviet Union and China are run by sane people. But nuclear proliferation has gone well beyond the Cold War days. More and more less sane countries will develop missiles that can carry warheads.

Let's stop the nonsense once and for all about wind farms being a job creator.