BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

no conflict of interest ~ Pratt County Commissioner did not know her husband and his partner had signed leases with BP

I am still laughing at this one !
Pratt, Kan.  --  Pratt County Commissioner Glenna Borho and Pratt County Counselor Robert Schmisseur both proclaimed their rumored conflicts of interest involving British Petroleum (BP) are unfounded.
Borho said she did not know her husband and his partner had signed leases with BP, which, according to her, are outside the scope of the 20,000 -acre wind farm BP is planning for southeast Pratt County. Borho said she does not have a substantial interest in BP in the county, according to Kansas State Statutes.[Pratt Tribune]


Stay Focused said...

"I think I know how to be above board," said Borho.

No, Ms. Borho. Obviously you don't.

Stay Focused said...

What slimeballs these people are - both BP and the county officials.

The County attorney is making substantial bucks directly from BP and he is then giving legal advice to the county commission that is responsible for reviewing the project!

He needs to go before the Kansas State Bar on ethics charges. The Canons of Ethics for lawyers don't consider something like this a grey area.

Amazing. Slimeballs!

Anonymous said...

One thing is clear. BP is in the habit of throwing money around secretly in conjunction with developing their wind projects.

Draw you own conclusions about how things have transpired closer to home. And I'm not talking just about leaseholders or adjoining land owners.

Anonymous said...

The fact is emerging that within the Town of Cape Vincent there is a shadow town, more numerously populated than even most of us would imagine, that has essentially become a company town.

Anonymous said...

Like the Cape Democrat Chairman said, "They are doing a good job even though they do have conflicts of interest."

And we put up with Edsall's corruption for years. Good grief!

Marion Trieste was dead on when she said, "What we have here is a little Appalachia."

Anonymous said...

The corruption was no different in CVNY. Perhaps even more bold as our former State Senator and now Ag. and Markets Chief and his wife were some of the first to sign on with wind developers.