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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Obama calls for permanent Wind Energy tax credit

President Obama’s budget proposal calls for the permanent extension of a key renewable energy tax credit — an approach that goes beyond even what the credit’s main beneficiary says it needs to thrive and that observers say allows room to negotiate a proposal that falls short of the president’s initial request but still allows wind and other beneficiaries to thrive.

 The budget released yesterday( 4/11/13) calls for a permanent extension to renewable and efficiency incentives, such as the production tax credit. The wind industry is the largest beneficiary of the 2.3-cent-per-killowatt-hour credit by virtue of its position as the largest non-hydro renewable energy source, but it also provides support for geothermal, biomass and other renewable electricity producers.[Governors Wind Energy Coalition]


Anonymous said...

Climate change influenced by man's activities is real. Deniers are intellectual fools who are only surpassed by those who accept climate change but think wind and solar are meaningful solutions

I don't know what is worse, a climate change denier, or a renewable nut who is in love with those pinwheels. Either case, they are both very badly misinformed.

What a combination to move forward into the future when we have to deal with some really important problems. Good luck humanity.

Stay Focused said...

Good point, 7:21.

Wind power is not a climate change remedy. It is not a useful energy solution.

It is crony capitalism.

It is packaged and marketed with slick techniques to make most people falsely believe that it is replacing fossil fuel generation, and that it creates jobs, serves as a form of farm aid, and hurts no one.

It is a swindle of epic dimensions.

Anonymous said...

Standing in line at McDonalds today, I noticed they have gift cards with Industrial Wind Turbines on them...guess no going to McDonalds for me anymore...probably a good thing though!

Anonymous said...

McDonalds cater to the little Applachia. Small wonder.