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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Town of Cape Vincent Town Board meeting ~ 4-3-2013


Anonymous said...

Should save the board and Dennis Pearson a lot of trouble ahead of time by saying that a community based energy program involving either wind or solar is a no brainer-dumb idea. If people have enough resources on their own to invest in hare-brained schemes that satisfy some notion of environmental righteousness, go for it it's your money. But to expect taxpayers and ratepayers from a community to buy into an energy scam that can only prevail with buckets of public cash thrown at it, is folly and irresponsible.

A group of well-intentioned people already spent $90,000 of federal taxpayer (thats your's and mine) money to conduct a feasibility study for a community project in Cape Vincent,that concluded it could be done only with a grosse amount of government subsidies and feed-in tariffs.

Plus we would all have to put our businesses and daily life routines that require electricity on hold, on any days that were calm or cloudy.

As I said- a no-brainer dumb idea!

Anonymous said...

If Pearson hopes to run for office touting the good sense of wind or solar power in Cape Vincent, he must not be very serious about winning. Oswald would be smart to distance herself from this cockamamie scheme,and let Pearson own it himself.

Smart move by Byrne to cut Edsall and the other water district complainers loose. Next move-invite the DEC and DOH in and shut them off. Close down the illegal users in District 2 while they're at it.

Time to put some things right in Cape Vincent.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the good people of Cape Vincent really struggle with the concept of recusing oneself from an issue due to a conflict of interest.

Deputy supervisor Bragdon,informed the public(including R Edsall) that he would recuse himself from the issue of water district 6, because he sold some of the properties involved. He then immediately tells the public(including R Edsall) that the board will not force Edsall and the other complainers to remain in the district. How is that considered recusing oneself from the issue?

Just saying!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is going on in the Cape? Everyone is being so damn civil to Rich Edsall. With his history, he shouldn't even be allowed in public meetings.