BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Monday, April 1, 2013

Why Cape Vincent ?

 Why did BP choose Cape Vincent for their giant industrial wind complex? According to their Preliminary scoping statement it was because... 

 1.Willing participant landowners and community support.
Bp does not have community support for their project . When BP's represenatives came to Cape Vincent October 23, 2012 Hundreds of people turned out expressing the same sentiment ,"BP GO Home!  
Additionally, there have been 292 letters submitted by the public to the  Public Service Commission commenting on BP's wind project.

 Community Showing support 

 2. Low to moderate environmental constraints.
 Not only is Cape Vincent a beautiful and unique area but it is also part of the Northeast Flyway, which hosts thousands of migrating, avian species; of which, many are endangered and/or threatened.  

 In their Preliminary Scoping Statement BP completely mischaracterizes the Cape Vincent area as primarily agricultural with scattered rural homes, and farms.

To support this mischaracterization they have utilized a 35 year old map to depict the project area.  This grossly inadequate map is a dishonest representation of our community, it does not show the many homes that have been built in the last 35 years nor does it show the Thousand Islands school.  

 3. Community landscape where wind power is complementary.
 As a tourist based economy Cape Vincent’s survival depends upon visual and environmental resources, conservation of its natural heritage and biodiversity.

BP’s industrial scale wind complex is in conflict with the character of Cape Vincent and does not follow the tenets of our community as defined in our comprehensive plan.

 By Rollin Hanson 

4. Ability to inject power into the New York State grid without overly costly grid upgrades. 

   In 2006, Acciona's project developer Todd Hopper stated that studies commissioned by Acciona  had  concluded that the Grid could only take another 80 megawatts of power ,  and that it would require millions of dollars in upgrades to increase the Grid capicity to 130 megawatts . 
BP has stated that their project would range from 200 to 285 megawatts . This number is significantly higher than the current grid capicity of 80 megawatts.

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Anonymous said...

BP chose Cape Vincent because Rich Edsall and the then compromised town board invited them here and assured them they could get permits issued with no problems. Look no further, all other reasons are simply propaganda.