BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Sunday, July 21, 2013

 Uneasiness as renewable energy grows

 Wolfe Island Canada


My cousins and uncles have been raising corn and soybeans in the Midwest for years. The rich loam and moderate climate are ideal for the kind of large-scale agriculture that has dramatically boosted American food production over the past half-century.
But as I drove through the farmland of northwest Indiana last month for a family gathering, I was surprised to find a new crop growing among the cornstalks.
Lining I-65 on the route to Chicago were wind turbines by the hundreds, turning slowly in a light breeze as far as the eye could see. Arising on these acres, and not in the windswept American West, are the continent's largest wind farms.
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Anonymous said...

"But as I drove through the farmland of northwest Indiana last month for a family gathering, I was surprised to find a new crop growing among the cornstalks."

Get used to the turbine stalks because it will be centuries before this crop is digested by the earth. Does anyone who has traveled in California, particularly near a pass on I-10 at Palm Springs, believe that the turbine crop residue will be cleaned-up and the land made whole again? Forget it!

I cannot believe there will be money and resources to clean up the turbine mess once the crop is harvested. We don't seem to have a nickel for anything in this country any longer, and paying for a clean-up is far down on our nation's list of priorities. Generations to come will have to get use to living with turbine blight. What a legacy for our grandchildren.

Anonymous said...


Stay Focused said...

The Albany Times Union has been unreservedly supportive of the the renewable energy agenda. (Though you will never see a wind project near Abany)

So it is noteworthy that this Sunday edition editorial even suggests that anyone should have any legitimate objections to Big Wind, or that wind may not be a an effective solution to our global energy challenges.

Maybe the Times Union is beginning to consider some real world factors that don't fit neatly within the agenda.

Anonymous said...

If it happens in the Thousand Islands, trust me, it will never be cleaned up. That is where the Bp land owners' kids will get screwed big time. Bp don't give a s@*t about Cape Vincent or those land owners. It is already for sale and they do not give a s@*t for us. Mark my words and don't mark any ballots for the Wiley-King candidates.

Anonymous said...

Read the Art Pundt blog. Is his joint-CFG effort to sink the town government now official? A Bp rat fink all along? Will Dustin Hoffman play his role int he movie? Or, will they dig up Mickey Rooney?

Anonymous said...

Aren't those turbines just beautiful on Wolfe Island?

Anonymous said...

7:08....Art could not be Rooney. Rooney was not insecure. He had no agenda other than making money. Art's agenda is promoting himself and how much he thinks he knows. If the nonsense he continues to put out had any merit you can be assured that smarter people than him would have used it. You also can bet you wallet that when BP is thrown out he will hop up and down and say I did it!!!
He is searching for attention, sad in a way, smart guy but not much common sense.

Anonymous said...

7:08 Is that all you have ? Really? Who did you get to spell it for you?
Had enough yet? You better hope so.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Guys like that a just a distraction. Clayton hopeful with experienced gained from the Cape will be right on top of the Art 10 situation. The Bp promotion of a ban was unbelievable ploy from the start.

Anonymous said...

Aren't those turbines just beautiful on Wolfe Island, just beautiful. Does that make the vomit rise in your mouths?