BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Big Wind turbines, health and disease - a Danish perspective

July  5, 2013 by Mauri Johansson, MD, MHH


Anonymous said...

"It is clear the institutional political corruption, and the lack of professional ethics on the part of wind industry acousticians and public health researchers, who ignore or deny the existence of the sleep and health problems and the consequent serious long term damage to health, is not limited to Denmark."

AMEN! Read this piece and think how the wind industry tried to discredit Dr. Nina Pierpont. It took time, but her work and conclusions about adverse health impacts from industrial wind were accurate. Unfortunately, there are still some people in our town who still refuse to accept that what they are supporting and hope to bring to our town will have the potential for serious health impacts on some of our town's residents. I would also hope that this letter makes its way into the Article 10 record for BP's project.

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RWiley said...

Several years ago while I was talking to a young CV Voter for Wind and Acciona employee, he bragged that "We crushed Dr. Nina Pierpont in Australia." It was around the same time Marion Trieste had visited Au.

No one should have that attitude about the safety of our community, especially if they are just a seasonal resident who may want to start a business here.