BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BP: Just when you think you have seen it all

It is time for BP to face the fact that it entered an agreement and it got what it wanted. It is time for BP to stop trying to take away the benefits it agreed to give the people of the Gulf Coast.
In the course of 30 years of practicing law I have never seen a corporate defendant backpedal on an agreed-to settlement to the extent BP is attempting to do in the Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damages Class Action Settlement. BP still doesn’t understand the law or the facts of this case.
BP entered a comprehensive settlement that provides a system of internal controls, appeals and remedies. The Settlement was negotiated for more than 18 months, incorporated into 1,100 pages and presented to the Court for approval. Now BP is arguing irreparable harm by the plain language interpretation and common sense operation of the Settlement Agreement it agreed to. In short, BP is objecting to its own settlement. 
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Anonymous said...

36 ckizakeLook at what the community organizer of Bp has brought to CV. Wiley and King became believers and look at what they are doing to us. Look at what is has done to upset our organizations and community peace. Look at what has been done to split us. Look at their lawn signs. they reek of division and hate and desperation.

Anonymous said...


Why did King remove his sign from Joseph street? Post his affidavit under a picture of the sign and you will see what I think a meaning of their intent. The one by my church is still there.

Anonymous said...

BP company policy regarding community takeover is consistent. If you have not read the Marion Trieste webinar regarding Bp plans for engaging the community and convincing them their wind is good..do it. I was passed one. Ask your blogger how to get your own copy to pass around town.