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Friday, July 26, 2013

Cape Vincent Voter Fraud ~ Recollections From The Past

 We are headed into another election season and it is vital that the residents of Cape Vincent understand how important the upcoming election is.

Prior to the 2011, election a petition was circulated around town to stop what was referred to as voter fraud. 
Harold L. Wiley, a lifelong Cape Vincent resident, and chairman of the local Democratic Party submitted  a  petition to the Town Board August 11, 2011 urging a voter driver’s license requirement.  

 "We believe it is unethical to carry out a voter drive to manipulate the outcome of coming elections." Mr. Wiley said.

The petition Harold Wiley presented to the board read as follows:

 It is our firm belief that unethical if not illegal voting methods were implemented which
pre-determined the outcome of the local elections held in Cape Vincent, New York in 2009 and that those same methods are being utilized once again in order to manipulate the outcome of the upcoming November elections.
Therefore, we the undersigned concerned residents of Cape Vincent, New York respectfully request that the Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent, New York takes action to resolve this issue.

After the petition was submitted to the board Town Councilman Donny Mason introduced a resolution to restrict voting to those registered voters that met certain ID requirements.

"I can’t believe anybody would be against not taking care of voter fraud if it's happening. " "Everybody ought to be in favor of non voter fraud" Mr. Mason said

 The resolution read as follows:
WHEREAS: The Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent herein takes the following action to address and resolve this issue. NOW THEREFORE
BE IT RESOLVED that before voting in person in a Town of Cape Vincent election, voters must first show a current New York State driver’s license with a Cape Vincent address to prove residency."

Please take the time to watch these important videos 

In video below H.Wiley presents his   * In video below D. Mason proposes
voter fraud petition to the TOCVTB   *   voter fraud resolution


 The Election Law Blog weighed in on Cape Vincent's voter fraud resolution

NY Town Tries to Impose Voter ID Requirement in Violation of State Law

Watertown Daily Times reports.  And a nice attempt to take away the franchise as well.  I love the story’s kicker:
 Harold L. Wiley, a lifelong Cape Vincent resident, had submitted petitions to the Town Board urging the driver’s license requirement.

"In my opinion, it's voter fraud, Mr. Wiley said of the registration drive. "I used to know everybody in Cape Vincent. But among those 250 voters, I'd be suprised if I knew more than 10 people.

 Yes, it’s voter fraud if you don’t like how your political opponents are going to vote.
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Anonymous said...

If Mr. Fixit wants to heal the community, he should go see Harold Wiley and tell him to apologize to our seasonal taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

There is one point that is not available to the general public. Throughout the period when Harold Wiley was going ballistic about 200-250 new voter registrations, he was going up to the Jefferson County Board of Elections and keeping track of the new Republican registrants. At the same time Board of Election officials kept telling him there was NO evidence of voter fraud in Cape Vincent. He was told repeatedly that there was NO evidence of voter fraud. Yet, Harold Wiley continue to accuse seasonal voters of voter fraud even though there was NO evidence of voter fraud in Cape Vincent.

The only fraud that was perpetrated in Cape Vincent in 2011 was by the head of the Democratic Party, Harold Wiley. Harold lied to the public and to those who signed the petition, when he said these seasonal voters were guilty of voter fraud. Furthermore, the King affidavit says the same thing - that at the fundraiser when the Dems hatched the idea to deny seasonal voters the right to vote in Cape Vincent, that a Board of Elections official was present and told them it was an illegal action. This stunk in 2011 and it hasn't lost its stinking aroma, because it still stinks in 2013. Vote Republican!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough four minutes and 25 seconds into the video
Harold asks ~ Is Art Pundt here?
I don’t know Art and I’ve never met
him, I’ve read his letters and the last letter he put in was right on
the money…

Anonymous said...

At that meeting, Harold Wiley told a group after that it was probably illegal. But he worked on it with the CFG and made it happen, anyway. Pretty serious stuff since legal response was initiated immediately. A close call for the TB which he placed in severe jeopardy of very costly civil rights violations. Thankfully councilman Orvis woke up and joined in the repeal of the action even though Mason and Mason still refused to vote for its repeal.

Now, Harold Wiley wants to put pro Bp candidates back on the town board. Candidates with no better understanding of government than those who previously jeopardized our government. The wise CV voter is in no position to change the Hirschey board until the Cape Vincent Democratic party gets its act together and starts understanding the comp plan and local rule. And, ethics, for that matter. For the next term, let Article X happen with the present town board that has a handle on the process.

Any change now would simply serve to split the community even more.

Anonymous said...


As part of their campaign to let Bp change the Thousand Islands there has been a major effort by CFG Chair and the Cape Dems to subvert the voting rights of part time residents who own property in the region and express their voice by the legal right to register at the residence they love the most. I read the Gary King affidavit submitted to the State Supreme Court during the SLAPP action against the community. All voters in the Thousand Islands and Golden Crescent should read it. It takes us in a very reckless direction.

Anonymous said...

Yup !

Art Pundt is right on the money. And, he is in full support of the Citizens for Fair Government who are proving to the public that Hirscheyville was terribly misguided when they did that zoning law.

Thank you,

Mr. Pundt for your support of the season residents and those of use who would like to do business in Cape Vincent.

Anonymous said...

9:47.....apparently you missed the numerous times on Art's blog that have clearly stated he does not support CFG or ANY wind development!

Who are you trying to kid....Art disagrees with the approach of the Town board in terms of the Art X process.....but he has never said he supports the CFG, or wind development!

Please....give people in this town some credit for some brains!

Anonymous said...

Art's got a blog?

Anonymous said...


Very, Very clever of Mr. Pundt. Have you ever read the hundreds of stories and seen the movies about how industrial giants take a town. They always have one or two who infiltrate the local opposition pretending to be with them but then doing crazy things that obstruct them at every turn much to the delight of the industrial giant? sure does make you wonder why a guy tries to the rug out from everything but then turns on everyone and sure does make you wonder why Harold Wiley wanted to meet Art Pundt.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pundt please don't get discouraged. Would you come to a town board meeting and ask if you could explain to the public and the town that they are wasting their time and our money appeasing and participating in art x.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fixit should join him in a public forum as part of his campaign. Showing that both wind and anti wind can come to together on the most important issue. A great step in Fixit's promise to heal the community.

Anonymous said...

"Art disagrees with the approach of the Town board in terms of the Art X process"

Thank you 10:11

And so does the CFG and Harold's Democrats. In that major issue we do agree which is why Harold sees Art as the key to the healing of the community.

Anonymous said...

The ultimate insult is to be greeted by that had enough yet sign when we roll into the Cape. It is from the CFG who do not want seasonals voicing an opinion. It supports the campaign of a CFG who says he is a contractor.

He is a Gary King Harold Wiley candidate and James Wily put one right in front of my Church to remind us we have no business here.

Art Pundt said...


You say I am in full support or CFG. So I would have to assume you are in full support of me and my ideas too.

Well how long do I have to wait??? I have been here since June.

No one from your group has ever contacted me. No one has given me the time of day from your group.
Not by email, not by letter, not by phone, and no one from your group has stopped by. Since I have become your supreme leader I would have thought we would at least sit down and start discussing our strategies for the election. So when can we do that...we have a lot of work to do!

Is this how you treat people you claim are in full support of you. I am really put off!!!

I mean if I support you and you support me in my approach, and we agree then we need to get started on figuring how we can oppose Art X and throw BP out of town, and get that law changed to prohibit turbines. I even have a legal plan all drawn up for you to get out of those stupid BP leases too. because that is what I believe and you apparently agree!

Gee and I finally met Harold Wiley last summer. Came right up an shook my hand. But I haven't heard anything from him since then either.

So let's get cracking!!!

Anonymous said...

anon:3:33 "And so does the CFG and Harold's Democrats. In that major issue we do agree which is why Harold sees Art as the key to the healing of the community."

If Harold sees Art Pundt as the key to healing the community, he is dumber even than he sounds.

Pundt's goal is to prohibit turbines and preserve the quality of the 1000 Islands.

go heal yourselves!

Anonymous said...

This video of Don Mason is really tragic. Not something he will want to brag about to his grandchildren.

A classic example of how a genuine person can be manipulated and brainwashed by predators like Marion Trieste.

Truly sad.

Anonymous said...

10:19 Harold wanted to meet Art Pundt, because he thought maybe Art would do a portrait of him to hang in the legion.

Anonymous said...

"Pundt's goal is to prohibit turbines and preserve the quality of the 1000 Islands."
And he does it by attacking the credibility of the town doing the work and the people actively fighting Bp.

Very clever of Art Pundt and lucky for Bp.

How dumb do you think we are 6:25.

Anonymous said...

9:49 " How dumb do you think we are?"

Pretty dumb!

Anonymous said...

Which is exactly why you continue to support Bp's efforts to trash our zoning law and claim that resisting art x is a waste of town money and time. We are on to you and ti worked for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Who cares anyway who knows anyone of not? I myself am done with voting! There are too many crooks in both parties. All voting gets is excessive jury duty, called way too many times, and more of the same crap. "Beam me up Scotti, no intelligent life here". If I did not have family here that would never leave, this would not be my choice of residence.