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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cape Vincent ~ Wind Turbines and Property Values

  May 21,2013

In a draft ruling made at a pre-application conference for BP’s proposed project, case examiner and state Department of Public Service Administrative Law Judge Paul Agresta awarded the town of Cape Vincent and WPEG a total of $82,600.
15,940 of this award was allocated to Michael S. McCann, a real estate appraiser in Illinois, to assist the group with land use and property value issues.

McCann Intervenor Fund Request   

Michael  McCann Apprasial LLC, evaluated  Cape Vincent's economic report in 2011. After completing his review  of the subject location, it was clear that numerous homes in the Cape Vincent area will be adversely impacted, and the best available evidence indicates that value loss of 25% to 40% or more will occur to homes within approximately 2 miles of the turbines. This impact is not expected to be uniform, and some losses may well be lower and others higher.

McCann Appraisal, LLC
June 20, 2011
Wind Turbine Economic Impact Committee (Committee) Town of Cape Vincent, New York
Re: Review of Cape Vincent Wind Turbine
Economic Impact – Final Report October 7, 2010 (EIR)

Dear Committee Members:
As requested, I am submitting this real estate review of the EIR undertaken by the appointed Cape Vincent Wind Turbine Economic Impact Committee (Committee), for consideration and use by Town planning and zoning officials in addressing the compliance of the proposed wind energy projects in the Cape Vincent area with typical zoning and land use requirements that must be met for approval of the Project(s).

As this review is focused on the Committee’s EIR, McCann Appraisal, LLC (McCann) has not made specific reference to the applicable codes, ordinances or regulations. However, my review recognizes that special permits or special use zoning approval for a variety of land uses, including large-scale wind energy turbine projects, require that the proposed use will not have an adverse effect on the market value, use, enjoyment or development potential of other property in the neighborhood or surrounding area.

Also applicable from a real estate, land use and zoning perspective is my review of the Hessler Associates, Inc. Noise Impact Assessment report issued April 13, 2010. (HAI report). The McCann review of the HAI report is not undertaken as a technical acoustic engineering evaluation but, rather, to the extent that it overlaps with real estate issues. More specifically, the question from a real estate perspective is whether or not the HAI noise study demonstrates that the quality of life, peaceful use and enjoyment, aesthetics and overall marketability of residential and related property will be adversely impacted as a result of the wind project(s).

Professional Opinions My professional opinions are effective as of the current date. My review of the Cape Vincent EIR and this Consulting Report have been prepared and submitted pursuant to applicable licensing laws that mandate compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), and my opinions are certified accordingly.

Briefly stated, based upon my review of the Committee EIR, as well as the location of the proposed facilities, the density, height, type and intensity of the proposed utility scale turbines, along with my independent and ongoing research of real estate and property value impacts near turbines. The EIR is correct in identifying significant value loss potential as a result of the two wind turbine projects proposed , or as a single project. While estimates were made in the EIR based upon 1,000 to 3,000 foot setbacks, there are numerous examples of value losses at even greater distances; some in excess of three miles.

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Read complete report at this link

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Anonymous said...

This refers to the report that Bp leaseholder and then Planning Board Chair Richard Edsall completely ignored and held back from an Planning Board action. It was negligence on his part. Then, CFG chair, Gary King made the claim that the pro wind made their own study. That study was nothing more than the wind developers company sales pitch. In Herkimer county, 63 homeowners are suing Ibrdrola and others for presenting false pre-construction information.