BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Check The Facts before Voting in Cape Vincent

  According to the Watertown Times this election season is off to feisty start.
 Before voting in the upcoming Republican Primary and the General Election you may want to review the candidates qualifications. 
For the incumbent board members seeking re-election all one needs to do is look at their established record as municipal officers.

There are established records that document the activities that the some of  the non incumbent candidates may have been engaged in as well. 
These documents are public records and can be easily checked.

For example prior to the 2011, election a petition was circulated around town to stop what was referred to as voter fraud.
Harold L. Wiley, a lifelong Cape Vincent resident, and chairman of the local Democratic Party submitted petitions to the Town Board August 11, 2011 urging a voter driver’s license requirement.   "We believe it is unethical to carry out a voter drive to manipulate the outcome of coming elections." Mr. Wiley said.

The petition Harold Wiley presented to the board read as follows:

 It is our firm belief that unethical if not illegal voting methods were implemented which
pre-determined the outcome of the local elections held in Cape Vincent, New York in 2009 and that those same methods are being utilized once again in order to manipulate the outcome of the upcoming November elections.
Therefore, we the undersigned concerned residents of Cape Vincent, New York respectfully request that the Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent, New York takes action to resolve this issue.

After the petition was submitted to the board Town Councilman Donny Mason introduced a resolution to restrict voting to those registered voters that met certain ID requirements.

 The resolution read as follows:
WHEREAS: The Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent herein takes the following action to address and resolve this issue. NOW THEREFORE
BE IT RESOLVED that before voting in person in a Town of Cape Vincent election, voters must first show a current New York State driver’s license with a Cape Vincent address to prove residency."



Anonymous said...

"We believe it is unethical to carry out a voter drive to manipulate the outcome of coming elections."

This is a real hoot! What other reason would one carry out a voter drive for -to lose an election?

Jesus, Harold ,what an assnine,sore loser,thing to say.Parties have been conducting voter drives to influence elections, since the concept of voting originated.

Admit it ,what you meant to say was-we are pissed as hell that your organized voter drive resulted in our candidates losing their seats. wah, wah, wah,!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly folks, except for the fact that their actions carried such significant import, the tactics and behavior of the CFG and voters for wind in the last four years have been tragically comic. It is almost had to conceive that a group could make such consistently bad choices in judgement as they have.

Conversations with friends and acquaintances unfamiliar with the area or the issue, freguently produce disbelief and utter astonishment at the antics of these blunderheads.

Makes voting an easy choice.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I got this straight.

Harold thought it was unethical to conduct a legal voter drive to influence the outcome of an election, but not unethical for town board members to enact an unconstitutional voter ID law to restrict legal voters from voting against themselves.

Hmmmm! bet he wishes he had thought that one through a little better.

Anonymous said...

It would have been more direct if the board had simply passed a law that made it illegal to vote for anyone but the incumbents.

Anonymous said...

So up steps Mr. Fixit. A man who did not witness any of this horseshit when it happened. But, of course the CFG are so honorable, they would give Fixit the real story.
Now Fixit has become a political operator and soldier and Bee Pee friend willing to lead the charge against the seasonals while King and Wiley give him back slaps and attaboys. Jeasus Fixit why are you selling out the people who befriended and supported you all these years? Do you now have "better offers?"

Anonymous said...

Every time I think of what Harold Wiley and Gary King have done to our community, a little vomit rises into my throat.

Anonymous said...


Did you know that Cape Vincent has a higher population of seasonal residents than other Jefferson County Lake and River towns? According to our analysis approximately 75% of your tax base is paid by year round taxpayers who escape the cold for a few months of the year.

So, how did this hatred for seasonal residents get started in this town? Why would King and Wiley only endorse candidates who are willing to spread that hatred so they can get elected and assist Bp with local control of your town?

The following is a passage from a Marion Trieste seminar in the Bp organizers own words:

"Just - I hate to sound like, you know, across the board and I don't want to sound I don't know one sided here but typically I don't think the - for the opposition, I don't think the economy mattered or matters to most of those out there opposing wind farm. Because I find that a lot of the opposition comes from those who don't really care about payments - their payments to the community or lowering anything or jobs for that matter.
They just care about their view shed and how it's going to impact the beautifulness around them. And I call it, you know, it is really unfortunate
because the most - most of the people who are opposing either they're not long term residents of the communities that we're building in.
And the long term residents are like wait a second, these guys just moved in here. We're trying to run a farm. We're trying to survive. I mean my grandkids are never going to be able to live here because there's nothing for them.
So I really don't think that unfortunately - I mean the argument is much stronger but it's shameful to see that people really don't care that are still opposing wind farm."

The hatred came from one of the largest corporations in the world, willing to crush any local who gets in their way. But in order for it to work, Bp needs local thugs to carry out their job and run for office.

Anonymous said...

Is their any truth in the rumor that Fixit has been offered a job by Bee Pee? Perhaps, clerk of the works in charge of local permitting and inspections? Or maybe animal control?

Anonymous said...

7:12 I love your sardonic sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Pundt has been providing a valuable service to BP and their with an excellent analysis of the fallacies and errors in the town's zoning laws. Good job Art. Summer residents pay attention to this terrific man. We were filled before, but we won't be fooled again. Thanks Art.

Anonymous said...

Pandora, hopefully you will recognize anon.9:37 as a lying manipulator,probably encouraged ,maybe even tutelaged by BP to infiltrate the Cape Vincent blogs with deceit, designed to politically attack the encumbents seeking re-election. Another disgusting tactic by BP, CFG, and Marion Trieste.

Everyone knows Pundt is annoying, but the accusations this anon. makes are obscenely untrue.

My advice-don't allow your blog to be contaminated with this type of garbage.

Anonymous said...

Pundt is more than annoying. He provides a valuable service to the pro wind with his insanity and backsided support of the CFG. Throw the bum out. You and Wiley have got to shut him off. He has a blog of his own.

Anonymous said...

Aslo required reading

Marion Trieste seminar telling how she works in the Cape.

Gary Kings affidavate to the New York Supreme Court outlying CFG methods intended to deny a voice to summer residents and others who might be considered anything other than a full time resident.

Pandora can help you with locating them.

Anonymous said...

1:02 What Pundt submits is his opinions based on observation of facts. Disagree with him if you will. What anon 9:37 submits is distortion , and outright manipulation of what is known to be true.

You seek to silence a difference of opinion, rather than ofer a suitable argument to counter the basis of the opinion. yet you tolerate an absolute distortion of reality designed to target and discredit your position and those whose actions you support.

Completely inconprehensible!

Anonymous said...

An opinion which has gone nowhere and becomes nothing but a distraction to the reality of the direction this is taking in the Islands. Don't let pro wind talk you out of diligence necessary to wade through the A 10 process.

Anonymous said...

4:22.....get over yourself