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Monday, July 29, 2013

Cuomo needs to clean up his own mess

MONDAY, JULY 29, 2013
You have probably seen the ad by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the TV promoting his agenda to clean up New York government corruption.
I have a hard time keeping my lunch down each time I see the ad.
Maybe a good place for Cuomo to start would be to actually finish a three-year-old ethics investigation he started as attorney general of former Cape Vincent town officials’ conflicts of interest with wind developers, officials who appeared to violate the state’s ethics codes.
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Anonymous said...

Art Pundt is suggesting that politics and ethics don't mix, especially in the process of cleaning up corruption in government. Hard to believe, huh?

Pundt is right that Ag & Mrkts Commissioner Aubertine is an embarrassment to any governor concerned about ethics in his administration. When Pundt says Aubertine held wind leases since 2005, he should have more correctly said Aubertine was paid by wind companies for supporting their projects that were being reviewed by local authorities.

Aubertine was contractually obligated to help move these wind projects forward in Cape Vincent. For that he was regularly mailed a check by wind companies. Just because the bribe comes in the form of a check in the mail doesn't mean it is any different than having been left a bag of cash on his doorstep in the middle of the night.

Pundt's letter shows that many of us are still disgusted with our wind history's corruption in our little town and some of us will never get over it, me included.

Cleaning up government for Cuomo is more about shoving the dirt around the floor rather than picking it up and throwing it out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Aubertine did not disclose the money he was being paid by the wind developers when running for office.
But, remember locally corruption was supported by a Dem leader who said they are doing a good job even if they do have conflicts of interest. Marion Trieste who wanted to be called Maz is likely very proud of Billy Bob and Little Appalachia. Slinking through an AG investigation is a badge of courage. Some big corporations throw candy out at a parade for that kind of behavior.

Anonymous said...

Our State government as a whole, has turned its back on the principles of ethics,and responsibility to its electorate.

Cuomo is the ringleader. He never intended to fully investigate the wind corruption issue in Cape Vincet or any other town in New York. His solution to the problem was to simply remove the entire proces from control of local officials ,with the enactment of the New York Power Act-ART.10. The legislature,which is now the target of his anti-corruption commission, relented to this oppressive tactic and subsequently -legally robbed the citizens of New York of their rght to Home Rule.

As Pundt's letter points out the corruption has simply moved up the scale from Cape Vincent to Albany.

Town governments are justifiably reluctant to challenge the authority of New York State. Intelligent,and responsible citizens,determined to be law abiding, work diligently to present the best case they can for allowing their local laws to be considered by the ART.10 review process,even in the face of such outright manipulation of the democratic process.

Considering the scope of influence and corruption,acknowledged even by the governor himself,(otherwise why the necessity for a special commisson), what are the chances for a fair and impartial review ?

When does the electorate realize that we are being seriously manipulated and patronized? How can we genuinely believe any anti-corruption campign can succeed, when it is being engineered by the very individuals complicit in the corruption?.

Will a ruling by the ART.10 panel ,if favorable to Cape Vincent,satisfy the citizenry? Will they celebrate a decision made by a corrupt, oppressive authority simply because it affords them a reprieve from harm?
Do we let a bully exercise his control over the playground, as long as he leaves us alone, or do we utilize our strength in unity and principle to demand our autonomy?

The integrity of government can only be assured if those being governed utilize the measures provided in the Constitution to prevent abuse of power.

Anonymous said...

We all need to start writing letters to the Albany Times Union and/or contacting Fred Dicker. Bring this issue a little closer to home for Cuomo. The Times Union and Schenectady Gazette are widely read in that area.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha...Art debating Harvey White?...Art will lose on that one. Ha Ha Ha, the Harvster will eat Art for lunch.

Anonymous said...

1:30, If they're debating how to feed calves and clean up their manure, Harvey may have an outside chance, otherwise he better bring a clean pair of shorts to change into, and some antacid for his heartburn.

Anonymous said...

Cape Vincent should set up an evening program featuring these two master debaters. Perhaps immediately following a town meeting.

Anonymous said...

7:56 That's an event I'd attend!!

Especially if the attending public were allowed to submit questions.