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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cuomo Seeks To Get New York State's Economy Out Of The Toilet With A Royal Flush

Governor Cuomo Signs Upstate NY Gaming Economic Development Act

Press release ~

Albany, NY (July 30, 2013)

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed the Upstate NY Gaming Economic Development Act, a comprehensive new law that, pending approval of a referendum this fall, will establish four destination gaming resorts in Upstate New York and boost tourism and economic development in communities across the region. Under the casino gaming plan outlined in the new law, all localities in the state will share in increased education aid, or lower property taxes, no matter where the casinos are located.

“Our focus has been to bring jobs and boost local economies in Upstate New York, where decades of decline have taken their toll in our communities," Governor Cuomo said. "This new law will bring the state one step closer to establishing world-class destination gaming resorts that will attract tourists to Upstate New York and support thousands of good paying jobs as well as new revenue for local businesses. For too many years, gaming revenue has left New York for our neighboring states. Today, we are putting New York State in a position to have those dollars spent here in our communities, which will benefit our local economies and tourism industries, as well as support education and property tax relief." 

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Anonymous said...

An appropriately placed casino will generate hundreds of jobs. In Marion Trieste's and Bp's Little Appalachia, the wind farm would generate about 7 or 8 permanent jobs and the wind cowboys and cowgirls have to travel a long distance to get their fix and lose their money.
Why not gambling in Cape Vincent? The gas saved should be enough to eliminate our dependance on foreign oil.

Anonymous said...

Perfect combination- gambling casinos and industrial wind development. Two industries in the business of stealing your money, both getting co-operation from the State.

Anonymous said...

"Preventing Corruption: A state gaming inspector general’s position is authorized to prevent corruption at the Gaming Commission."

Upstate NY would be very proud to have D. Aubertine appointed to this position.

Anonymous said...

When the wind isn't blowing, they could double in a giant, "Farmer Wheel of Subsidy Game".

Anonymous said...

My political theory of how the Dems and CFG want it to go down.

They did the SLAPP hoping to scare people and shut them up. Out of that came the Gary King description of the purpose of the CFG to challenge the rights of certain voters.

They send out a mouthpiece and intimidate with nebulous signs asking if their opposition has had enough. If you haven't, there is the threat of more.

The mouthpiece says and does anything in a back door crusade for Bp. Disguised as a phony campaign for "good government."

The two candidates the CFG and Dems really want, lay back, stay away as the mouthpiece does their dirty work. They show up after he has burnt his bridges.

The two preferred candidates are a son of a pro wind Ag. Commissioner and a son of a big Bp lease signing ag business.

Just a theory....

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually asked the church sign person, the contractor and the librarian what those signs actually mean? Maybe its is part of the recent reading campaign she is heading up with signs all over. Perhaps it means have you had enough yet of people who don't like to read....Just friends of the library?

Anonymous said...

We have had enough of this town board.
Herschy and Clif are not the library boss. The library boss gave the library permission to have a sign at her house against this stupid board and their waste. Ask the library board and you will see.

Anonymous said...

5:28 "We've had enough of this board"

See you in November!

Anonymous said...

How could anyone, no matter how big an idiot they are, have enough of an honest Board which represents the majority of Cape residents?
Do they want to go back to the wind leaseholder members with all their conflicts of interest?