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Monday, July 15, 2013


 Europe’s renewable energy industry is falling victim to the region’s economic woes. In Spain, subsidy cuts are looming as the under-pressure government attempts to balance the books, The Wall Street Journal’s Ilan Brat reports.
The FT says the investment case for Spanish utilities has all but vanished. Spain gambled on renewables in the boom years, and is feeling the consequences now times are lean.
The costs of renewables are in the returns guaranteed for the investor. The London Array—the world’s largest offshore wind farm that was opened last week—is something of a subsidy pit, the Daily Telegraph reports before allowing a right of reply to the project’s manager.
The risk-reward argument isn’t just being felt in Europe’s hard-hit south. The region’s economic powerhouse, Germany, is also divided over the cost of a planned complete transition to renewable energy. There, the debate, Time explains, has shifted from “how do we get this done?” to “how can we afford this?” 
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