BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Sunday, July 14, 2013

How Serious Is BP About...

July 14, 2012, there was a story in Forbes by David Ferris titled ~

 How Serious Is BP About Wind Energy?

 Ferris conducted a brief interview with Katrina Landis, the CEO of BP‘s alternative energy division, to learn more about the oil company’s growing role as a developer of wind farms. BP’s wind holdings are minor in comparison to their carbon producing assets. Additionally, BP shut its 40-year-old solar program, down last year due to “elusive” profits.

 In defense of this” Landis said. “We have to compete for investment dollars with all the hydrocarbon resources within BP.”

On that note, in November of 2008, The Guardian Newspaper reported that BP dropped its plans to build wind farms and other renewable energy projects in Britain and will focus renewables in the United States.
The Guardian quoted a BP spokesman as saying.
 “United States is more attractive due to government incentives” 

 With the fate of the Production Tax Credit unknown and the very real possibility that it will not be renewed , BP has once again decided to bail on wind.

The question that remains is, how serious is BP about their Cape Vincent Wind project. 

BP is pursuing their CVWF project through the Article 10, process in order to bypass Cape Vincent's people friendly zoning law . However, they have not addressed the Article 10, process in a meaningful way. The Public Service Commission concluded that BP's public involvement program was "inadequate" and subsequently recommended ways to "address the relevant requirements in the new regulations." (Letter from DPS to John Harris, Oct. 17, pg. 2). 

This lends credence to the thought that BP may be posturing merely to foster the illusion to potential buyers that Cape Vincent is a viable project.



Anonymous said...

Do you remember when we were kids some of those wind-up toys that moved around aimlessly, not going in any particular direction? They were interesting for a second or two, but we were left wondering, "Where is it going, what is it doing, and what is the point?"

Well, BP's strategy for its Cape project is similar to our old wind-up toys - look busy, bounce around a lot, but don't go anywhere. Then maybe BP could fool some unsuspecting buyer into thinking this project is actually worth something.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My wind loving neighbor traps squirrels and takes them to the other part of town. Why can't Bp and the CFG set up a trap in their office for seasonal's and take them to another part of the State?

Anonymous said...

Marion Trieste says on her website.

"Our outreach campaigns are designed to inform local decision-makers, identify project champions, and tap into the silent majority of community supporters. Our work is cost-effective, personal, and non-confrontational."

Was she at the Bp open house when people who asked questions were treated badly by her wind thugs?