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Sunday, July 28, 2013

lessons learned from Empire Zone abuses

Under Empire Zones, the state wrote millions of dollars in tax refunds to businesses that did not create jobs and, in some cases, even lost jobs.

Syracuse, NY - Jim Malatras investigated the abuse of the Empire Zone tax break program when he was the legislative director for former Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, critic-in-chief of state public authorities.
This year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo drew on that expertise to have Malatras write the billfor his new economic development program, called Start-Up NY. The governor's staff dropped Malatras' name as proof that New York got it right this time. Their theory: Who better to design a solid law than someone who was in the trenches as legislators wrote and rewrote the old Empire Zone laws? [Syracuse.com]

Watertown times

Wind power



The financial boon from the Maple Ridge Wind Farm in Lewis County is undeniable. Millions of dollars have flowed to the county, school districts and towns hosting the 195 turbines.

The governments have used the tax windfall responsibly to reduce or stabilize taxes or invest in long-deferred projects. The towns of Harrisburg and Martinsburg, which are home to most of the turbines, have used part of their funds to lower tax rates and establish capital reserve accounts.

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