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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

President Obama’s Climate Plan Would Kill Hundreds Of Millions Of Birds And Bats

JAMES M. TAYLOR, J.D. James M. Taylor is managing editor of Environment & Climate News, a national monthly...
A newly published peer-reviewed study reports U.S. wind turbines kill 1.4 million birds and bats every year, even while producing just 3 percent of U.S. electricity. The numbers reveal that President Obama’s global warming plan will kill hundreds of millions of birds and bats while doing little if anything to reduce global temperatures.
Even if no new wind turbines are ever built, turbine blades will slice 14 million birds and bats to death in mid-flight during the next decade. However, global warming alarmists say we must reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50 or even 80 percent. President Obama’s recently announced assault on climate change appears likely to seek such numbers. Given that most global warming alarmists also vigorously oppose hydropower, natural gas power and nuclear power, reducing emissions by 50 to 80 percent would require increasing the number of wind turbines roughly 25 fold. That means killing 350 million birds and bats in the United States every decade.
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 Turbine bird kill is a familiar topic on Wolfe Island Canada, where an 86 trubine wind farm looms over the pastoral Island Landscape.
This wind complex happens to hold the record of the most bird kills of any wind complex in Canada. 

But could the numbers be even higher?
According to Wild life biologist  Jim Wiegand the mortality studies are designed to find only a fraction of the birds killed by wind turbines

Jim Wiegand — The Truth about Wolfe Island bird mortality rates

Here is a little more proof about how the Wolf Island Mortality studies were designed to find only a fraction of the birds killed by their huge turbines. This information is very important so the public can understand the true character of the wind industry.
Mortality studies years ago at Altamont pass showed that large bodied carcasses like ducks, hawks, and eagles were found at an average distance of 57 meters from much smaller turbines. These turbines had a tower or hub height of 32 meters with a rotor diameter of 33 meters. The huge 2.3 MW turbines at Wolf Island have a tower or hub height of 80 meters with a blade diameter of 101 meters. The placement of hundreds carcasses found under different sized turbines, showed an increase in distance from turbines with an increase in their size.    
By using mathematical formulas derived from these studies, the average distance of a large bird carcass found under the 2.3 MW turbines at Wolf Island would be 101 meters from their towers. The Wolf Island mortality studies used search areas of only 60 and 50 meters. These studies missed most of the carcasses. Continue... [Quixotes Last Stand]

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