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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Letters worth reading

Letter #1 Assembly Darrel Aubertine advises the Cape Vincent Town Board Re: conflicted board members voting on wind issues.

June 15, 2006
Cape Vincent town board members
P.O. Box 680
Cape Vincent, NY 13618
Re: abstaining from voting on the location
on wind turbines in Cape Vincent

ladies and gentlemen:
I regret that I was unable to attend the public hearing held on June 3 at which time the above referenced subject was discussed and I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with you now.
Specifically, I would like to comment about the issue of whether a board member should abstain from voting on the issue. As elected representatives, we are responsible to make decisions for the benefit of our constituents and community. This project, which affects thousands of acres in dozens property owners, has the potential to positively affect every resident. Whether through a reduced property tax rate for new economic opportunities. Messrs Wood and Mason will certainly not be the sole beneficiaries should this project move forward.
While some may feel that these elected officials should abstain from voting on this matter I believe is that they should not. If they are restrained from voting in this instance, then shouldn't the community decide now that the guiding principles will be for future absent nation in different matters and with different representatives? I. E. Voting a tax rate that affects their personal property.
Healthy and positive discourse is mandatory in a democracy; however, governing by referendum is unwise. After careful reflection, I feel that it is ethically proper fit in this case all board members should vote on the issue at hand. In fact I believe it is their responsibility to do so.

Darrel Aubertine
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 Letter #2 Aubertine Candidate for State Senate writes an open letter to our community about his stance on Industrial wind development in Cape Vincent

February 2008
Dear friends,
Of late, I've heard a lot of folks asking about wind turbines, and I wanted to take a minute to let you know where I stand on this issue.
Several years ago my family along with our neighbors, decided to have our land studied for wind turbines. This is an assessment that determines whether a particular location is suitable for wind energy production. We like the idea of reducing America's dependence on foreign oil and saving money, and utilizing an otherwise untapped resource.
Proposed wind farm does not include any turbines on the waterfront, which is a critical issue for Margaret and me.
Now my opponent is trying to use this issue in a new attack ad that's airing on television in our community. This is an important issue that deserves more attention that get in a 30 – second attack ad, but with my opponent saying all sorts of untrue things about me in his ads, I wanted to take the time to set the record straight.
Wind is one of several energy – producing options that we must explore in our effort to reduce our dependency on middle – eastern oil. Hydropower, nuclear power and biofuels must also be part of the plan. Each of these has its benefits and drawbacks, but they all have a place in our overall energy portfolio and they all have the potential of creating much – needed jobs, in our community. When an energy facility is built, it impacts the community around it, which is why the community must be part of the decision-making process.
Whether or not to construct wind turbines is an important decision and must be made only after all concerns are heard in all viewpoints considered. I have long been a supporter of expanding energy production in our area. Including wind power, but only if it makes sense and is supported by the local community. But I do want you to know that whatever our community decides. I will honor and support that decision and forward accordingly.
Thanks and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further concerns.

 Darrel J. Aubertine
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Letter #3

Letter #3 Senator Aubertine writes to Richard Kessel, then president of NYPA, Aubertine explains that his position concerning Wind turbines in the Great Lakes.


 March 10, 2010
Richard Kessel, president
New York power Authority
123 Main St., 10 – B
White Plains, NY 10601 – 3170

Re:: New York power Authority's Great Lakes wind power initiative

Dear Pres. Kessel:
I want to thank you for taking the time to address Jefferson County Legislature concerning the New York power Authority's Great Lakes wind power initiative.
If you are no doubt aware many residents who live along the eastern and southern shore of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, through many local advocacy organizations and their elected representatives, have voiced opposition to this initiative. In addition they have expressed concern that the power authority will forward with the award of contracts for the construction of wind turbines in spite of these concerns and over the objections of the impacted communities.
These concerns have led to significant anxiety and at station in advance of the power authority receiving responses to the request for proposals issued under the initiative. It is for this reason I write to express my appreciation of your willingness to address this issue and assure the potentially impacted communities that wind turbines will not be cited in their vicinity without their consent.
Local officials as the stewards of their communities natural resources and being in the best position to balance the potential positive and negative economic, social, environmental, and other benefits, clearly have difficult decisions to make. The fact that they are doing so prior to any projects being announced pursuant to the initiative is an indication of the significant amount of opposition to these potential projects.
My position remains as it has been; if after careful consideration of the potential economic benefits and costs of any wind projects proposed, Jefferson,  Oswego or, for that matter, any New York county or municipality opposes the development of wind and ancillary projects, that I will support that decision.
Again I thank you for addressing the concerns of these officials after making the power Authority's position clear to know when facilities will be cited where they are not wanted.
I look forward to continuing to work with you as we strive in our respective capacities to reduce the cost of providing New York is clean, reliable and abundant power supplies as one way to improve lives and livelihoods in this region and across the state.

 Darrell J  Aubertine
State Sen.

CC: Mr. Ken Blankenbush, chairman, Jefferson County Board of legislators
Mr. Barry D. Leemann, chairman,  Oswego County Board of legislators


Anonymous said...

Every time I think of Darrel Aubertine turning our town into a wind factory a little vomit rises into the back of my throat.

Anonymous said...

In these letters, Darrell expresses what seems to be a genuine belief that the siting of industrial turbines should be a decision left to local municipalities.

Where was his vocal opposition to the ART. 10 legislation, when governor Cuomo decided to remove those municipalities right to home rule?

Could it be he was reluctant to oppose Cuomo,after the Governor awarded him a cushy commissioner of Ag. appt. after losing his senate seat?

Or perhaps it was easy to express these beliefs in a letter knowing Cuomo's strategy down the road would render them insignificant. Put up a good front.

Anonymous said...

Darrell is slick.

He made that statement when his wind lease holding buddies were in control of the government.
If you see him slinking around town this summer, ask him how he feels now. But stand back because he might probably scream and spit, "You can't tell me what I can do with my land."

Ha, Ha, but as soon as these suckers sign on with Bp then Bp TELLS THEM EXACTLY WHAT THEY CAN DO WITH THEIR LAND---FOREVER !

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Fixit wants to heal the community, I suggest he sit down with the New York State Commissioner of Ags and Markets and ask him why he encouraged corruption of our town government in favor of one of the most reckless foreign energy companies in the history of man.

The horrible split in the Thousand Island community is a result the efforts of those who want to give our beautiful Jefferson County resources to Bee Pee.

Anonymous said...

Except for an occasional angry scream across the room, and toothy public appearance, Aubertine has never had the balls to do his own dirty work in the Cape. He gets his local Bp thugs and CFG political lackeys to do it for him.

Anonymous said...

Aren't those turbines just beautiful on Wolfe Island? I even enjoy the light show every night. I think the lights are for those of us who missed seeing them during the day, to let us know that they are still spinning out there.

Anonymous said...

Pandora your losing a lot of ground. At this point what does it matter about these letters.They were written 6-7 years ago. It's like you keep beating a dead horse. People are about whats happening now not 7 years ago. Besides what does the letters mean? Its one man's opinion, doesn't he have right to freedom of speech and opinion just like you and your blog. Move on!!!!

Anonymous said...

But his antics continue - has anyone heard anything about an alleged illegal burning?

Anonymous said...

"People are about whats happening now not 7 years ago"

What happened seven years ago is what got our town in trouble and now should we trust the same lot to be in the public trust?

Anonymous said...

It's one man's opinion, doesn't he have right to freedom of speech and opinion."

This was much more than one man's opinion it was a direct recommendation from a man of power in an important political position with influence who seemed to be promoting wind corruption in a local government.

Anonymous said...

A man of vision, a man of integrity, a man who holds fast to principles, would not have urged community leaders to violate the laws of ethics, and trample their own municipal ordinances, developed in the name of,and for the benefit of, the citizenry.