BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The bullying has to stop.

 Dear Honorable Jeffrey C. Cohen,

I attended the June 26th 2013 "open House" at the Cape Vincent BP Office.  The BP office space was set up with chairs around the perimeter of the room that were filled with people that I recognized as "Voters For Wind"  people and BP supporters.  There were also two folding chairs towards the middle of the room where a Cape Vincent Councilman and a visitor sat.

BP representative Richard Chandler had spoken at the Clayton Town Board meeting earlier that same night, but would not answer any of our questions.  We were told we would have to come to the "Open House" in their Cape Vincent office if we wanted to ask questions.  At the "Open House" BP Richard Chandler was seated at the head of the room and was very vague with his answers to my questions.  I was amazed that someone that was in charge of the BP project didn't know certain details!  BP Community Advisor Marian Trieste was also there and she and BP Richard Chandler allowed their pro-wind supporters to get aggressive and some inappropriate remarks were made, including comments about my weight.  I was told by one of the pro-wind people "that if I have food, that I better thank a farmer and it looked like I hadn't missed a meal!".  I was also repeatedly told that I didn't belong there and I should go away.

I have been at public meetings where the pro-wind people even "boo" if you try to ask a question.  I know of some wonderful people who have sold their homes and moved away because they have been intimidated or even threatened by the pro-wind people.  This is wrong and the bullying has to stop.    

 Cindy Grant , Clayton

 Link here to DPS comment page for 

Application of Cape Vincent Wind Power, LLC, for a
Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need to Construct an Approximately 200-285 Megawatt Wind Electric Generating Facility in the Town of Cape Vincent, New York.


Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that in this fight for the heart and soul of Cape Vincent that we would be talking about corporate behavior, civility and responsibility. The personal attacks employed by BP's leaseholders and supporters are a reminder of a bygone era in a different region of our country. You'd think by the 21st century that we would all know better.

Of course, what is important here is not the coarse behavior of a few dumb, ignorant agents of BP. What is crucial is that BP's project manager Richard Chandler tolerated and even condoned this kind of behavior. Chandler has a business degree from the Wharton School, which is an excellent school affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania. I am left wondering what course at the Wharton school did Chandler learn that if you can't beat them with good information and a persuasive argument, just attack people personally.

I have looked at the Article 10 rules and see that there is no section that spells out how an applicant should behave and how it should treat people during an applicant's effort to comply with the rules. Who would have thought that guiding responsible corporate behavior would have to be spelled out in detail like so many other involved technical issues. But, we all know that when dealing with BP, all bets are off with being a good corporate citizen.

I'll be glad when BP is the hell outta here!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Part of being a big bully for Bp is the signs now popping up in town. Gary King of the CFG testified to the Supreme Court that a major purpose of the CFG was to challenge rights of seasonal residents. He has a sign un his yard saying, Had enough Yet? Of the seasonal residents? It is on the yard of 2 other candidates and in front of the church, too. Beware of who displays that sign in total disrespect for those of us who live here part time, pay taxes full time and support your
Churches and community. It is very unChristian-like and they should come down and not remind us all summer of Bp hatred for us. Those signs are intimidating those who support you.

Anonymous said...

Those signs is about bullying.
The ultimate insult is to be greeted by that had enough yet sign when we roll into the Cape. It is from the CFG who do not want certain citizens voicing an opinion. those who enjoy summer here. It supports the campaign of a CFG who says he is a contractor.
There is also one near the lawn of a village trustee and at your former supervisor. The Ag boss of the state.
I have been told that the sign is the campaign of a small contractor who was supported by the summer trade. He is a Gary King Harold Wiley candidate and they put one right in front of my Church to remind us we have no business here. Couldn't they at least take it away when we go to the church?

Anonymous said...

Have you had enough yet?

If you haven't we are going to harass and hound you until you are so sick and scared you give up and let us give the Cape to Bp.

To me that sign reminds me of Bp bullies. Just look at where they are placed in the community and you will understand.

Anonymous said...

As a full-time resident I think those signs are for all anti-wind, not just seasonal.

They are inappropriate and juvenile.

I would be embarrassed to post one of those in my yard.

Anonymous said...

One sign location is an insult and slap in the face to all who support the library and vote yes on its annual budget. Another is the location in front of where we worship and make peace once a week.

Anonymous said...

Those signs are nebulous and nothing more that a bully tactic to make people more divided in this community.
They are shameful and the people who have displayed them should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

It's true. The Cape librarian has a made a political choice to support Citizens for Fair Government with a "Have your had enough, yet?" sign in her front yard.
According to the G. King affidavit filed in Supreme Court the CFG had as a purpose to challenge the right of summer people and others who are legally registered to vote in the Cape. The signs are on the lawns of members of the CFG and Democrats who support Bp. It is on the lawn of their candidates.
People in the community are recognizing these signs as anti Cape and pro Bp and CFG.
Why is the librarian making this choice for our community?

Anonymous said...

It means that finally the Cape library worker has take a stand against the town board, it waste and stupidity and is supporting Gary King and CFG in protecting wind against the summer residents. She has had enough.

Anonymous said...

I live in Cape Vincent and have only been to their library one time. I found the staff there rather rude anyway so have not returned. This seems to be an area where the locals actually are like a pack of wolves attacking those they perceive as weak and the first to yell foul, when they meet their match. If it was not so pitiful it would be amusing.

Anonymous said...

This behavior does not include this local. There are plenty of locals who don't agree nor do they support this ridiculous behavior.

I haven't been to the local library for a bit. Is it still the wife of a son of a wind lease holder that runs it?

Anonymous said...

It is run by a close friend of Gary King the CFG who is challenging seasonals and the wife of the son of a very rude wind voter who made her living off seasonals It has been a terrible change and the library has taken side with the CFG and is a pro wind nest. Sad she brought politics into all this.