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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Time to Speak Out Against Energy Taxes

We are Energy Citizens; we speak out on energy issues that matter to us. And right now, we need to make our voices heard on taxes.

Americans across the political spectrum agree that our tax code needs reform to position the country for long-term growth. Right now, Congress is discussing ways to deliver comprehensive tax reform—you should be a part of the discussion!

President Obama has already asked Congress to increase the cost of U.S. energy production by singling the industry out for higher taxes.
We’ve created a resource on EnergyCitizens.org where you can tell Congress that job-killing energy taxes are not the “reform” that America needs right now. Tell Congress that tax increases on U.S. oil and natural gas producers hurt our economy and are simply not acceptable.

High taxes discourage investment, diminish production and hinder job creation in any industry. But heavy taxation is particularly damaging to America’s energy industry—the companies that produce the products that fuel U.S. businesses and families, support millions of American jobs, and already pay millions of dollars in taxes every day.Here’s the bottom line:
  • American oil and natural gas producers already pay above average corporate tax – about $85 million a day
  • Pro-growth, pro-energy development policies could generate more than $127 billion in additional government revenue by 2020 and $800 billion by 2030
Tweet Now! Tell Congress to:
  • Quit trying to bankroll their spending habits with energy tax hikes
  • Embrace pro-energy policies that will create jobs and make America stronger

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