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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tony Hayward: Wind is "ruinously expensive & ugly folly."

 Damian Carrington head of environment at the Guardian London ,reported today via Twitter that in an opinion piece published in the Sunday Times   Ex-BP CEO Tony Hayward  wrote that  Wind is "ruinously expensive & ugly folly."

This is a bold statement considering BP was recently attempting to dump their wind assets.
 Would you buy a house if the previous owner told you that not only is it ugly, but buying it would be financial disaster?

Come wind or sun, we’ll still need fossil fuels

Tony Hayward

Energy policy has been bungled by politicians. We must be less emotional and more strategic  

 I still have fond memories of winter nights from my teenage years when we all sat at home during the power cuts, peering at each other by candlelight. Forty years on, I dread to think of the consequences for a whole nation unable to charge their smart phones. 

Power cuts would be a vivid illustration of how energy policy has been bungled by successive British governments. They have enforced random decarbonisation targets set after junkets in exotic foreign cities and decreed that these must be achieved through private sector investment, underpinned by spiralling “green taxes” on consumers. 
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