BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Friday, July 19, 2013

TOWN LAW...isn't there a name, like for it?

 "What Parlementary proceedure do we use to run our meetings?"  Dennis Pearson  asked  during the privledge of the floor at Thursday's Town Board meeting,

Mr. Pearson was told that the Board followed Town law and directed them to the Association of Towns website. Mr. Pearson replied that  he could not find the Town law on The Association of Towns website.

Link  here to read the ASSOCIATION OF TOWNS
For Town Supervisors and Town Boards

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Anonymous said...

If a person wants to become an effective public servant it should not take them days to search and learn the basics of participating in a town meeting. Things like not speaking out of turn when attending a meeting, paying attention and staying within designated time limits when speaking from the floor. just to name a few. This guy missed the days when his CFG buddies were doing it all wrong and making a mockery out of clean government and the open meetings laws. Good grief !

Anonymous said...

Am I to understand that Mr. Fixit lusts for the day when he too can run the Town Board meeting as a supervisor? Is that why he wants to know how to run the meeting?

But alas, do you want to entrust the running of our town to a guy named Mr. Fixit who had the second story of his house blown away because he never got a building permit or inspection from the county?

If this guys runs for office, we all better run for the hills!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Fixit has said that it is you bloggers that spread all the hate in this community. Ask him about it. He also tried to claim it was the job of the TB to heal the community. If he is going to run for something what will it be like when he is asked to answer the questions.
Mr. Fixit signed the petition that led to the illegal ID action. Ask him if he is willing to take the oath of office to support the New York State and US constitution. We got problems here.

Anonymous said...

This guy is the Wiley-King political front man. He is out there stirring the pot. The pot that calls the kettle black as he does the dirty work for the anti seasonal rights CFG and Democrats. People were very good to him in this town. They accepted him and hired him for odd jobs. Now he has town Cape Vincent under the bus in favor of Bp. Meanwhile, the preferred CFG choices are kept well hidden from public meetings. The son of a Ag Commish and member of a local farm family who stands to gain the most from Bp while others in town lose all they have.

Anonymous said...

Every municipality has them - people that are not interested in anything except babbling on and on about things that they know little about. They lead us to think that what they say and what they do is for the public good. In fact, they seem to be desperate for attention and will use their rights to get that attention because they can at little or no risk. The real risk is that these people become the unofficial spokespersons for a group or political party which drags the group or party down. If BP, the local CFG, the "take back Cape Vincent" group or the Dems disapprove of being tied to a wingnuts philosophy they will make that public very soon or, at least, muzzle the person to stop the bleeding. If we continue to see ongoing wingnut shows, the wingnut's actions are condoned by whomever they chose to drag down.

Anonymous said...

8:50 I couldn't agree more and 3 at the top of the list is on the Town Board.Oh yeah let's not forget 2 on the planning board. There are so many out there,this town has more than their fair share.

Anonymous said...

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt"

Mark Twain

Or, you could just run for office...

Good grief when will all this CFG madness end?