BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What are the chances that BP will...

During the Pre-application  Intervenor Funding conference May 21, 2013, case examiner and state Department of Public Service Administrative Law Judge Paul Agresta had this to say about BP's Cape Vincent Wind Farm  We’d like to see a case scenario that attempts to comply with the towns zoning law to the degree possible. 

 What are the chances that BP will attempt to comply with our zoning law when the only reason they are pursuing their project through an Article 10 process is to bypass our zoning law.



Anonymous said...

BP picks and chooses what it does. The fourth largest corporation in the world is not going to be led like a cow with a nose ring by some mid-level bureaucrat. The alternative the judge wants is a fantasy. It won't happen because it isn't in BP's best interest.

Anonymous said...

BP has spent untold amounts of cash to influence elections, buy state officials, even governors, in their pursuit of developing in New York. Their latest victory is ART.10, a one-stop shopping venue for obtaining a permit to erect industrial turbinesin Cape Vincent, that virtually removes any home rule roadblocks.

Why in hell would they submit a proposal, as suggested by Judge Agresta ,that would negate all of their success at influence peddling.

Anyone who thinks that this was a genuinely serious suggestion by Agresta, or that BP is about to comply with it, is goofy.