BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wind provides clean, reliable energy source

Tuesday , July 9, 2013

 A recent letter on June 25 misstated the facts on wind energy. Studies and real-world experience consistently demonstrate that wind farms are beneficial economically and environmentally for their host communities.

Wind power’s economic benefits are particularly clear. Surrounding communities receive added tax base and local investment, while consumers benefit from wind power’s low-cost, fixed-rate pricing.
 This letter in today's Watertown Times was written by Valerie Strauss, Albany , she is the interim executive director, Alliance for Clean Engery New York.
 ACE has been promoting wind development in Cape Vincent on behalf of BP
 August 31, 2011 just before the Republican Primary there was a “Clean Energy” educational forum held at Rec Park, Cape Vincent . It was presented by the New York Wind Education Collaborative, a conglomeration of the Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACE), Albany and Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCCE), the CCCE is an offshoot coalition derived from Marion Trieste’s public education campaign.

 The forum was hosted by Carol Murphy, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Clean Energy. She opened the Forum by briefly introducing the participants and she also described the Forum as fact-based, and stated that they were not advocating for or against an individual project. 

“We came to offer the latest scientific information to people — it’s all out there for people to look at,” “But people won’t believe it if they don’t want to believe it.”Said Murphy

The presenters at this forum claimed that the collaborative goal was to increase the public’s understanding of wind power issues, in the belief that a better-informed public can participate more meaningfully in the environmental review process and other public discussions surrounding proposed wind facilities.

One of the presenters, an economics professor from San Diego University defend a study that supported the idea that Wind Turbines do not impact property values.

He said that all the studies find the exact same thing declaring, “You cannot say there’s an impact.

Additionally, he said that the results of the McCann Appraisal tailored to the unique characteristics of Cape Vincent were laughable.

What is laughable is that we were supposed to believe that this "Educational Forum" provided us with independent unbiased information, when in fact a secretary working for British Petroleum made the arrangements and paid for the use of the Rec Park facility where their so-called independent "Educational Forum" was given.

September 17, 2012 When BP submitted their  Public Involvement Plan (PIP) to the Public Service Commission, BP documented their involvement with our community by submitting a list of Wind Energy Forums held in our community by both Acciona BP. One of the Forum’s listed was the Wind Energy Collaborative that was held August 31, 2011.   When this particular forum was presented to our community it was promoted as an independent forum and not connected to BP.  
 However, things suddenly changed when BP needed to show that they have been involved with our community. Now, BP claims ownership of the Forum as part of their Public Involvement Plan.
Below is a letter that I received from the Town of Cape Vincent Town Clerk through a FOIL request.

WDT ~Wind power supporters to hold informational session in Cape Vincent

Link here to Exhibit C Touting BP's community involvement through public Wind Energy Forums

BP is a MEMBER of  The ACE Coalition



Anonymous said...

OK...now I am spitting angry!! Can BP, ACE and whoever really believe that after ALL the research on sound, health and property values we would fall for this nonsense letter?


I will write today to ask Valerie Strauss for her reseach sources. I will ask her for the example of the industrial wind project that sites turbines CLOSE to homes that shows all of the scientific data we have collected is not true!

Seriously....can anyone think this town is that STUPID?

RWiley said...

I could not, in all good conscience repeat the headline over Strauss's
WDT letter.

I believe a total systems analysis of an industrial turbine would show that turbines are anything but green. There is a good possibility that turbines are losers in that department considering their 24% efficiency.

-the magnet industry in China is one of the worse and more dangerous polluters of all.

-you don't even want to know what goes on in those factories where they build the blades. It is unlikely that they contain the air pollution and perform proper recovery of the foul air they create.

- manufacture, shipping, transportation, construction, lubrication, tearing down and hauling away uses such large quantities of petro that I wonder if they even break even.

-the trade off of ecological impacts is so blatant and so hard to fully measure that any mitigation, like getting permission to kill eagles, is an ecological step backwards.

I also believe that people like Strauss and Marion Trieste are betting their lobby lobster dinners that residents of Little Appalachia are not all that interested in systems analysis.