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Monday, August 12, 2013

AUGUST 16, 2011 Watertown Times Editorial

The illegal attempt by a three-member majority of the Cape Vincent Town Council to limit voting

The illegal attempt by a three-member majority of the Cape Vincent Town Council to limit voting is reminiscent of the literacy tests and poll taxes used to keep black people and other minorities from exercising their constitutional right to vote.

In a town bitterly divided over wind power, the three members of the board supporting a controversial wind-power development rammed through without any prior legal consultation a resolution requiring voters to show their state driver’s licenses with a Cape Vincent address to vote in next month’s primary and the Nov. 8 election. A provision permits election officials to waive the identification requirement for someone they know. The resolution is aimed at blocking seasonal residents from changing their addresses in order to have a voice in the dispute through the ballot.

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Anonymous said...

Why would any reasonable voter who paid attention in history and civics classes in school want to put these people, who enacted this illegal law, back in office? This is the same group of idiots who talk about fair government. This is the same group of idiots who talk about taking back the Cape. This is the same group of idiots who ask "Have you had enough, yet? You betcha! We've had enough all right -- of their nonsense!

Cape Vincent is engaged in a damn big fight over its future. The current Hirschey administration is committed to open government, not back room deals and patronage peddling by the old ruling oligarchy. I cannot even consider turning this beautiful town over to the likes of a group who would throw out the town's comprehensive plan, throw out the zoning law, throw out the planning board and throw out the zoning board of appeals. They've actually publicly stated these positions, if you can believe any idiot would make such a statement.

There is a big choice to be made this year in the Cape's local government. If you think we are better off to be lead by a bunch of idiots who would deny voting rights, get rid of plans and laws, get rid of planning and appeals boards and put us back on track with conflicts of interest and taking big winds money to support their wind projects, then vote Hirschey out of office. If, however, you want thoughtful, responsible, and competent management of your town government and an honest accounting of public tax funds, then vote them back in office. It is more than just a vote, it is about the Cape's future.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who are the three member majority that is trying to do this?

Anonymous said...

Every time I think of these efforts by King and Wiley, a little vomit rises into my throat.

Anonymous said...

I want my money! I want my money, dammit!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Cory White Statements that were on this blog? Why were they removed? Afraid of being sued