BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Saturday, August 17, 2013

DANC ~ Comments to BP Concerning Potential Adverse Impacts on its Western Jefferson County Regional Water Line

Link here to this letter and above referenced letter of April 19,2013

  Link here to Public Service Commission Website


Anonymous said...

Pearson is wasting his time hounding the town over trivial matters like who didn't call who. Pearson should be hounding BP and asking them why they have refused to respond to DANC about water line safety issues. As for the cancelled phone call,It has been explained by different public officials who have said the same thing. The Bp lawyer did not respond to a legitimate pre litigation request made as a result of a Bp letter. So, therefore, the phone call and expense of paying a lawyer for a worthless six hours would have been a waste of money.

If Pearson would take the time to read what is going on with A-10 he would understand that Bp is the one who refuses to be up front and honest with the process. It's like a yard sale, Pearson. BP wants to dump their junk. But they would like to get at least something for it so they are willing to let it sit by the curb and don't care how it affects their neighbors.

Anonymous said...

There were no litigation requests. 7:00 I think you mean stipulations request. But otherwise I agree with you.