BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Environmentalists speak out against proposal to transport heavy crude oil by pipeline along Great Lakes watersheds

MASSENA - Environmental groups from the Great Lakes region, including Save the River, Clayton, are speaking out against a proposal to move heavy crude oil using a pipeline that passes through the watersheds of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, the Ottawa River and the St. Lawrence River.
In a joint letter Tuesday to Canada’s National Energy Board, the groups demanded that the board reject Enbridge Pipelines Inc.’s request to make a number of changes to a 397-mile section of the company’s “Line 9” pipeline connecting Montreal, Quebec, to Sarnia, Ontario, so it can eventually transport heavy crude — such as diluted bitumen tar sands — between central Canada and New England.
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Anonymous said...

The recommendation to use double-insulated pipe is on target and a very reasonable request, particularly for a company that has a history of environmental mishaps. This sounds like the type of letter that irresponsible corporate heads just dread. They would rather see environmentalists clamoring to remove the pipeline and kill it, but to suggest they just do it right will garner a lot more attention from all the people who will ultimately make a decision about this proposal. Good approach from Save the River and others.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Allowing corporations to engage in potentially disastrous activities, on the premise that they can be forced to "do it right" is the basis for the SEQRA, and numerous other permitting policies. It fails to protect the environment, and people simply because corporations are greedy and the agencies that impose regulations are rife with corruption,and inadequacy.

Its time to reverse the damge done by years of ever- increasing corporate rights and the subsequent influence that accompanies their political and social power. We should be less worried about what corporate heads dread, and more concerned with regaining control of our world from the influence of corporate interests.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...


So if we just do the corporate BP wind turbines right in Cape Vincent that will be ok too?

This is exactly the way things that should not be permitted actually get permitted.

You need to read Charles Perrow's book "Normal Accidents"

No matter how much supposed safety you build in to some technologies they will fail, and some will do so with catastrophic consequences.

Like BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf.

Anonymous said...

We don't actually have an environmental movement anymore.

We have a permitting movement!

Think something will be obviously disastrous for the environment, no problem, just get a "permit."

Not supposed to kill endangered species...no problem just get a "takings permit" then you can "legally" kill them!

Anonymous said...

You are a dreamer who will probably object to the right of the hangman to place the noose around your neck. Industrial wind is a joke and disaster, but the reality is that we have to play the game, whatever it is, as best we can. We are all paddling upstream against a green flow.

Anonymous said...

3:02 Honestly, I don't understand your analogy of the hangman, and how it relates to this topic, but- whatever!

Perhaps I am a dreamer,I like to say philosopher or even to some degree-a realist.

You say the reality is we have to play the game. Well actually we don't! We could just as well have refused to play the game the State has forced upon us. It is within our rights to challenge this power play by our legislature ,if only we had the gumption to do it. In that regard ,you are correct, we have accepted the inevitability of our own shortcomings,and therefore must play by totalitarian rules.

Reality is sometimes an illusion,accepted only because we decline to dream.

Pundt said...


You're serious?

Let's look at the "game" as you call it!

The State and the corps set the rules, they own the ball field, they bribe the refs, they own ball, and if the game isn't going well they even remove your rights to preserve your own community on this issue. They convince you to play a certain strategy they can control and to not be too aggressive in the "game" or they will set the score anyway they like it.

And you think I am the dreamer?

Not only are you paddling upstream but the boat is on fire and sinking!!!

And you think I'm the dreamer????

The real problem is you have been convinced by the powers that be to settle for useless regulations and permits instead of the ability to veto what you KNOW will destroy your community.

BP is going to come into our community backed by the State and they are telling you they ARE going to destroy your community and what you have settled for is allowing them to tell you that you MIGHT get to play a roll in deciding HOW MUCH BP will destroy it! But they will destroy it.

And if you exert too much regulation...then they will just remove that right to regulate from you too.

What is it about this game you don't understand, and why would you want to succumb to playing in a game that is so stacked against you???

I am glad that our founding fathers didn't just decide to play England's game of going along with the East India Company corporate flow!!!

Anonymous said...

3:02 sounds like bureaucrat!