BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ethics and the BP Claim

 BP in its latest media and PR campaign, has vilified those claimants whose oil spill related losses may not be obvious to the layperson.
What you may not know is that if anyone is “getting something for nothing” – as BP would have us believe undeserving business owners are – it is BP.

 by Tom Young
Much has been made recently about the ethics, or lack thereof, involved in filing a BP claim for a business’s economic loss associated with the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon blowout. While nearly all businesses located in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and parts of Florida and Texas are automatically candidates for participation in the settlement claims program – let me state emphatically – that only those that were affected by the spill will receive compensation. That said, the phrase “affected by the spill” seems to be at the heart of the debate with regard to the ethical merits of filing a claim.
The blowout had a profound and far reaching impact on the economy of the Gulf. Dependant on tourism in both overt and subtle ways, the business community in this region was devastated. The trickle down effect was real and the seizing up of the tourism driven economic engine was felt far and wide and well inland. But how does one account for other factors affecting the business climate at the time? What about the lingering overhang of the great recession? How do you parse the oil spill from the economy at large?
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Anonymous said...

According to a recent PSC post the CVNY attorney and a private citizens documents Bp bullies working for them in Cape Vincent.

Anonymous said...

Be assured if Jefferson County and the Thousand Islands ever did allow Bp wind development Bp will put a giant team of lawyers on the job making sure they are not financially responsible for cleaning up the mess left behind. Good luck to the landowners on that one.

Anonymous said...

BP past behavior in several stiuations (in addition to the Gulf incident) tells me that they are simply focused only on their profit! Their action do not convince me that they "care" about the community or the US at large. They are a multinationa company whose bottom line is profit! Fine - but that alone is a very good reason for pushing them out of out town and taking all necessary steps to protect our town from another international invasion!


Richard Wiley Sr. said...

In Cape Vincent, NY members of Voters for Wind and the CFG initiated a SLAPP action against two Cape Vincent bloggers and numerous John Doe members of the extended community who were expressing their opinions opposing British Petroleum and Iberdrola efforts to turn the Thousand Islands into an industrial wind turbine sacrifice zone.

The action was taken by plaintiffs, Gary King, Harvey White, Donnie Mason, Marty Mason, Paul Mason, Marlene Burton, Darrell Burton and Frank Giaquinto identified in New York State supreme Court as either British Petroleum lease holders or members of Voters for Wind and the CFG.

Despite the SLAPP action, a matter that has been resolved, Cape Vincent blogs, "Jefferson Leaning Left" and "Pandora's box of Rocks" continue to provide up-to-date information about wind development and NYS Public Service Commission Article 10 progress and the potential of British Petroleum's and Iberdrola's assault on the ecology, economics and scenery enjoyed by the residents and visitors to the Golden Crescent and Thousand Island regions of New York State.

Thank you for your rapidly growing support.

Richard C. Wiley,
Jefferson Leaning Left.
Cape Vincent, NY