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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Green energy costs raising concerns

Mandates account for 5.4% of monthly bill


THE RISING COST of green energy mandates in Massachusetts is starting to raise concerns, with one utility estimating the state's renewable energy initiatives currently account for 5.4 percent of a typical customer's monthly bill and are expected to take a much larger share in the next few years.
National Grid, in response to a request from CommonWealth, estimated its typical electricity customer is currently paying $3.95 a month to support the state's primary renewable energy initiative, a cost that is expected to rise another dollar a month by 2015. Grid officials said a secondary subsidy for renewable energy development, called net metering, currently costs ratepayers 9 cents a month, but is forecast to rise to 23 cents a month by the end of the year and to 93 cents a month by 2015. Continue...[Common Wealth]

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