BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It began in August of 2011 when Harold Wiley Presented a petition to the Town of Cape Vincent Town Board

March 21,2013 there was  a story in the Watertown times titled To vote, or not to vote: Cape Vincent seasonal voters faced with a dilemma.

This story is about a couple that owns a home in Cape Vincent and another in Canandaigua NY.  The couple decided because of the contentious wind turbine issue that they would register to vote in Cape Vincent NY. 
However they experienced problems with their assessor in Canandaigua NY. There assessor accused them of voter fraud based upon a letter he had received in Mid-October from  Harold C. Wiley Chairman Cape Vincent Democratic Party and Gary King Chairman of a (Citizens for Fair Government)   . According to the Canandaigua NY assessor Mr. Wiley and Mr. King sent letters to assessors across the State with the stated purpose of reporting residency issues that may impact real property tax exemptions.

 Consequently , the Canandaigua NY assessor  decided to revoke the star rebate for the couple and accused them of voter fraud. The assessor wrote a letter regarding this issue to Sean Hennessy, election Commissioner and Jerry Eaton Jefferson County Board of elections. And  sent a c.c. Jefferson County Da ,Cindy Intschert as well.

According to the Watertown Times Jefferson County’s Republican election commissioner, Jerry O. Eaton, said Monday that Canandaigua’s assessor makes a “serious accusation” in his letter without the expertise in election law to prove it.
State election law allows people with “dual residency” to choose one property for voting purposes, Mr. Eaton said.

The contentious issue of Wind turbines and voting however did not begin with the above referenced letters warning Assessors Statewide of Star implications.

It began in August of 2011 when Harold Wiley Presented a petition to the Town of Cape Vincent Town Board asking the board to take action to prevent what Wiley called voter fraud.

 Harold Wiley’s  petition was cited by Councilman Donald Mason as the basis for a resolution that Donald Mason had prepared in advance of the Town Board meeting

The resolution passed in a three to two vote, Councilmen Donald, Mason, Marty Mason and Mickey Orvis voted in favor with Supervisor Hirschey and Councilmen Bragdon voting against the resolution.    

  After this resolution was voted into law the New York  State Attorney General was in Watertown and was asked about this law by a Watertown Times reporter. The AG   stated that it was unconstitutional.      

Subsequently, a special TB meeting was convened where Supervisor Hirschey proposed a resolution to rescind the unconstitutional voter fraud law.
A vote was taken.
All members voted on resolution # 36
Supervisor Urban Hirschey ~ AYE
Councilman Marty Mason ~ NO
Councilman Mickey Orvis ~ AYE
Councilman Brooks Bragdon~ AYE
Councilman Donny Mason ~ NO

The resolution to rescind  the illegal voter fraud law passed and consequently Councilmen Marty Mason and Donald Mason were not reelected to serve on the Town Board.

 Interestingly enough we are facing another election this fall and  a two year old letter becomes the basis for a story in the Watertown Times.  
 Where did the Times get the letter? And more importantly of all the issues related to voting history in Cape Vincent why did the Watertown Times chosen this one as news worthy?  

 Link below to the Watertown Times Story about Voter fraud

To vote, or not to vote: Cape Vincent seasonal voters faced with a dilemma

Below is a copy of a letter sent to an assessor in Irondequoit NY. By Mr. Wiley & Mr. King


Anonymous said...

You know that letter sent to various town assessors by Harold Wiley, Chairman of the Democratic Party and Gary King, Chairman for Citizens for Fair Government, Gary King now maintains in an affidavit dated April 10, 2013 in the bloggers law suit that someone used his name illegally on that letter. He is saying he didn't know about it or authorize it. He is claiming fraud!

Maybe it was Harold Wiley who fraudulently used King's name on that letter. Harold Wiley isn't claiming someone else used his name or someone held a gun to his head. Therefore, Harold Wiley must know who was the crook who fraudulently put Gary King's name on that letter.

Gary King and Harold Wiley are good buddies; don't you think the next time Gary King is over for Sunday brunch with Harold Wiley he ought to ask Harold if he knows who the crook is that fraudulently used his name on the letter that Harold sent to all those assessors.

I thought they were good friends, but maybe they don't talk.

Anonymous said...

Mr. King has said in a legal affidavit he knew nothing about the letter to town assessors in which his name was affixed. Perhaps Mr. Wiley knows who put King's name on the letter along with his.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is very strange that King would allow persons to commit multiple counts of fraud against him. Yet, he would take a SLAPP against people who dare speak against Bp project and making the ludicrous claims in supreme court. Many will never be convinced that King was not involved in the letter and was fully aware that it would serve to intimate and scare part time residents and anyone else who opposed Bp.
Many of the people who had to deal with those letters were seniors and may have been perceived as easy victims and easy to scare. Cape voters should not put their trust in any candidate who endorses or even promotes the kind of behavior we have seen by Bp supporters. If Mr. Fixit wants to heal the community he should ask the CFG and Democrats to apologize for their anti seasonal political efforts and for the horrible splitting of the community.
If a candidate shows up at your door ask them how they feel about the rights of ALL Cape Vincent residents and tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Every occurrence with Kings name on it might be use of a forged instrument and mail fraud. King did not issue his disclaimer until spring of 2013. Which individual affected or which assessor who was conned will step up and investigate the possibility of charges and investigation?

Anonymous said...

There are pro wind part time residents and relatives with out of town properties who also exercised their legal right to vote in Cape Vincent. Can Gary King and Harold Wiley Honestly tell us that those assessors also received similar letters or was the CFG Dem efforts only directed toward those they were afraid would vote against Mason and Mason.

Anonymous said...

The actions challenging the right to vote by any Jefferson County taxpayer and resident selecting our County as their home is outlandish and certainly not representative of the appreciation we have for those Lake and River residents who contribute full time to our economy. As you know, many of the summer and other part time residents contribute above and beyond in both tax revenue and economic support as well as donated services. River and lake Communities will continue to survive and flourish because of them.
The renegade political movement by Cape Vincent pro wind should not be considered typical of the great economic traditions of Jefferson County. The Lake and River communities as well as Watertown are appreciative of the duel homeowners who have chosen our region. I have talked to other political leaders, Republicans, Democrats, Conservative, Independent, etc. and they find the activities of the renegade Cape Vincent political leaders embarrassing.