BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Thursday, August 29, 2013

People of Cape Vincent have had enough

If you’ve been wondering who has “had enough yet” in Cape Vincent, just ask around. How about the residents on Burnt Rock Road who have been hearing for years about studies to be done and research completed on a water district for their street?
Meanwhile, motions were passed, studies conducted, contracts issued for surveys, only to then be determined it was all done improperly, therefore more studies, motions repassed and more surveys conducted on a water district for Tibbits Point Road. In the past two years, tens of thousands of dollars were spent in an effort to get water to three town board members’ properties. Sorry, residents on Burnt Rock Road, no member of the board lives on your street so don’t expect water in the near future. Had enough yet? 
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Anonymous said...

GEE - I did not realize that the CFG and Democracts (along with people like Mr. Wood and Mr. Grant who support these people and are still Republican party members) ALLOW a clearly "seasonal" person to speak in their favor!!!!

The Burnt Rock Rd water issue is MUCH more complicated than she states.

NYS removed the right of local boards to make decisions about energy producing plants over 25MG -that was NOT a local decision (but the regulations expect local participation).

BP has NOT submitted an application for their project as of this date!

Does Ms Lesczinski know who and how close the 500' proposed turbines will be near her "seasonal home?"

Vote for Hirschey, Bragdon and Oswald - who have demonstrated ethical behavior that protects ALL citizens.