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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Remember to Vote 10 September 2013 Republican Primary 

I am writing to request your vote for Town Council in the forthcoming Republican Primary election . I have been privleged to serve the community as a town Board member since January 1, 2010. I maintain that I have served ethically and compentently . I believe that there is much to do in the community and I am seeking a second 4 year  term. I am a lifelong resident of Cape Vincent and have a deep love for the esthetics of nature and the history of Cape Vincent . My family roots go back to my great-grandfather Elon R. Brown who was NYS Senator from this area and a leader of the Senate in Albany. If reelected I shall seek to promote the scenic and historic preservation assets of the communityy . I have a real estate company known as Johnston Development Corp and I shall continue through it contribute to the taxable assessment base of Town . I am currently a NYS liscensed real estate agent with Hefferon Real Estate. I graduated in 1968 with a degree with honors in the History of Art from Williams College. I feel that I understand the Town's finances and I have reported monthly at Board meetings on the balances in the Town's accounts. I shall continue to support the development of the Cape Vincent economy and look forward to the Town building on the establishment of Metal Craft Marine. I have made sincere efforts to see that wind turbine development is done right , with propper checks and balances and within the directions of the Cape Vincent Zoning Law,and I shall continue to do so. I sincerely request your vote on 10 September 2013, and promis if elected to serve the common good of the community as best as I understand it.

Please vote for Brooks Bragdon            Town Council                          Republican Party

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Does anybody know if it's too late to switch to Republican for this election year. I've had enough....of the Democrats!