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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Stop the nonsense

Letter to the Editor
Saturday, August 10, 2013 12:34 AM
While driving across Indiana-Ohio state line on Sunday, July 21, I noticed that not one of the giant wind turbines in sight was turning. The temperature was almost 90 degrees. Many air conditioners were working hard while no power was being generated by the monstrous wind generators. I drove to Van Wert on Thursday, July 25, and again, every wind turbine in sight was motionless.
It’s a good thing the power companies have other sources of energy – ones that are consistent, reliable, efficient and cost-effective.
I’ve read Iberdrola, the Spanish oil company involved with wind generators in this part of Ohio, has had lots of experience with wind generators in Spain. Spain has so invested heavily in wind generators that some believe the high price of energy is a major factor that caused many companies to leave Spain and locate where energy is less expensive. Some believe that losing all of those employers is the reason Spain is having financial problems. According to an article I read recently, the Spanish government either had to raise energy prices by 42 percent to consumers or change how they compensate Iberdrola and other energy companies. Fortunately for customers, the government chose not to raise their energy prices.
Do we want 42-percent energy price increases like that for ourselves?
My primary disagreement with wind generators is economics. If they are not costly and inefficient, why do they rely on federal subsidies to survive? Our government is collecting taxes and borrowing billions from China and others and then spending funds on expensive and unreliable “alternative energy” projects. These projects benefit companies like Iberdrola and a few landowners but the high cost is borne by all of us through higher taxes and higher energy prices.
Someday, our kids and grandkids will not only be saddled with very expensive energy prices, they’ll have to repay that borrowed money.
This is nonsense and should be stopped now.
Tom Odenweller
 Source: Delphos Herold


Anonymous said...

How true!

Cape Vincent will NOT benefit from any industrial wind development.

Vote Hirschey, Bradgon and Oswald in the Republican primary on Sept 10 - they will continue to protect the 96% of us without wind leases.

BP - just go home!

Anonymous said...

And you think the blogs are liable for bashing someone's characters. Lawyers will have a field day with you.

Thank you Mr. Hirschey, Mr. Bragdon, and Ms. Oswald....for all you have sacrificed for this town. You will have my vote all day long and I will spread that everywhere and to everyone.

Anonymous said...

That's what I thought! That ridiculously slanderous comment is now gone.