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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The Chokecherry/Sierra Madre wind farm promises to spin up enough electrons to power a million homes, but the project is also a poster child for the fears and anxieties renewable energy can bring to rural America— and to anglers.
SARATOGA, WYOMING—As he rolls down a BLM two-track in his truck, Jeff Streeter looks out to the Sierra Madre Mountains to the west and the mesas of Sage Creek Basin to the east. "I don't want to see this happen," says the North Platte River project manager for the national chapter of Trout Unlimited. "But I say that for purely selfish reasons."
He's talking about the Chokecherry/Sierra Madre wind energy project, which is slated to fill a good chunk of the perpetually-windy ridgelines throughout Carbon County, Wyoming, with wind turbines. In fact, the region's resources were blowing so hard on that late spring afternoon, I could barely stand my ground when we got out of the truck to take in the vista.

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