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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wind farm a bad idea for state birds

Re: State’s first energy wind farm planned in St. Mary’s Parish
What a great idea! Wind turbines 498 feet tall in the middle of the Mississippi Waterfowl Flyway adjacent to the Russell Sage Refuge for birds. Giant propeller blades slicing through the air at a hundred miles an hour slaughtering birds 24/7.
What bastardized union of politics and business delivered this boondoggle?
Ronald Ruiz
New Orleans
Source: The Advocate


Anonymous said...

Cry some more Johnny Reb. You lost the war now you're not winning this battle either.

Anonymous said...


Bee Pee has not even filed its A-10 application. They couldn't sell their wind junk as a package. Now they will have a lawn sale. Who buys a broken piece of junk at a lawn sale. And that is what the Cape wind is.

Anonymous said...

Our state bird the robin, how many are killed by turbines. The other birds are just too stupid that they fly into them. End of lecture.

Anonymous said...

Is that the best you have 7:39 AM.