BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cape Vincent officials air concerns over recent BP Wind visual impact survey

CAPE VINCENT — BP failed to include all residents in a recent visual impact survey for the proposed Cape Vincent wind project, leaving out women in particular, according to town officials.
In a recent letter to the state Public Service Commission, town officials said “many residents of the town of Cape Vincent did not receive surveys, particularly women.”
“It appears that BP may have sent surveys to predominantly male heads of households,” their letter said. Continue... [Watertown Times]


Anonymous said...

Harvey White cannot understand a very simple point that is clear to any reasonably fair person, money contaminates.

If BP does any kind of survey of public opinion, they cannot pay some of the respondents and contractually bind them to support their project without mentioning or separating out those getting money. At best, BP's "leaseholding employees" should not be included, but at the very least they should identify those people getting paid, you would think. Imagine Harvey suggesting we just bury those getting paid to cooperate from the rest of us and then giving the impression that we are all one big happy group of individual citizens who haven't been bought-off.

Harvey White's comments to the WDT are also paid commentary - the paper did a disservice to the north country by not putting 'Paid Advertisement' next to Harvey's comments.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It looks like BP backtracked on its claim that it sent surveys to all residents. The WDTs indicates they sent surveys to households, not all residents. If they sent to households instead of people, I can see how women's views will be under represented, because households are usually listed under male heads of households.

Stay Focused said...

BP had no need to conduct this survey properly and professionally.

It is a show survey -- concocted only to give the appearance that they are "engaging" in a viable process that is moving incrementally forward. That is what they want potential purchasers of their several development stage projects to think.

Well please be informed all you potential purchasers of this project in Cape Vincent, NY: don't be insane. Take better care of your money than to come here. You would regret it.

BP and Acciona came here based on some flawed calculation, thinking they had local officials squarely in their back pockets. And they did - for a while - until the smell got so bad you couldn't stand it. Don't follow in the foolish footsteps of companies that did not do their homework and overplayed their hand.

Anonymous said...

Harvey White was a plaintiff in a SLAPP action against the community. SLAPP actions are legal attempts to scare people away from public opinion. The Supreme Court Judge identified Harvey as a Bp leaseholder.
Also, Harvey was identified in a Gary King affidavit as a member of the CFG and present when the CFG laid out methods to protect full time residents from part time residents who choose to vote (legally) at their CV residence. As a service to its readers, the Times should identify Harvey Whites Bp interests. At least as a spokesman and advocate for the project.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Harvey, the leaseholders have a right to be surveyed. In fact the best thing for the town would be if all the leaseholders and their families were surveyed and their opinions could be put on display for all the world to see.

Let everyone, including the PSC, know that these profit seeking wind turbine huggers care not for the scenic quality of the region,nor the health,safety and welfare of their neighbors, nor the natural environment of Cape Vincent, in stark contrast to the hundreds of folks who have commented already to the PSC.

Harvey should have demanded that BP do a survey exclusively for the leaseholders, so their opinions could not be misconstrued with other unbiased citizens and residents.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Harvey is forthcoming about saying there is a list of people who are getting paid by BP. If so, Harvey, where is the list? Give it to the WDT, Harvey to show us who they are. Why doesn't the WDT challenge Harvey and make him put the list on their desk. We have had enough of Harvey White's Bee Pee promotion without substance.