BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Golden Eagle Snatches kid

Parents Vow to move to Cape Vincent

 A Golden Eagle attempts to snatch a child in Montreal...

Parents of the child have vowed to move near BP's proposed Cape Vincent Wind farm, to protect their children from predatory birds.


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Anonymous said...

If BP ever gets to build their turbines here, parents throughout the town can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing this could never happen here. There will be no eagles or much other wildlife for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Eagles may be dangerous if you are a small person, but all the more reason to sit on the sofa with the remote and beef-up.

Personally, I hate being awakened in the morning to the sound of singing birds. They all sound really bad, in particular a catbird. It thinks its song is sweet, but catbirds start with their nonsensical vocalizations too early and I am tired of being knocked out of a dead sleep by some GD bird who thinks its sounds pretty.

I think BP's anti-bird project is the nuts, they've got my support. I think there is far too much emphasis that the animals that share our planet deserve a place in our world. This world was made for us, not them, and I want electric power and I don't want some bird keeping me in the dark. Besides, I want my money dammit.

Anonymous said...

With a SMILE!

Anonymous said...

The guy down the street wants to shoot the eagles...bang, bang, bang, bang. He shoots everything in site. In season, out of season, no matter. I think he wants to run for town council so he can get turbines and get rid of all the birds who eat kids and worms. He likes to kill fish, too. If we get a new town clerk, she will give out free licenses I think.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that looks like one of Rick Wiley's eagles from Carleton Island. You shoulda trained em not to snack on people Rick!!

At least they're not snatching up American kids.

Anonymous said...

Wow! and to think this could happen right here on the village green in Cape Vincent. It's been documented , on these blogs ,that there are eagles in the region,some even on Carleton Island.

We better hope BP get their turbines up quickly so we can avoid this potential disaster.I can't believe Gary King and his CFG candidates haven't jumped on this as a great campaign booster.

They could remake this video and superimpose an image of Al Wood and Dennis Pearson chasing away the eagle,saving the child, then quickly pan to a scene of Canadian children playing safely on Wolfe Island under the turbines. Great camnpaign ad!!