BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I’m not trying to sell you on God or windmills, even though...

Initially  the letter below was circulated around town .

 The writer then presented it to the Town of Cape Vincent Town Board . 

Then it was published by the Watertown Times in their letters from the people.  

  I have been living in Cape Vincent for almost 18 years now. I moved here because I thought the Cape was beautiful, the fishing was great and, most of all, the people. It seemed as though I was stepping back in time. I had been living in the city for 18 years and forgotten what it was like living in a small town. The day I moved in, the neighbor came over with a salad just to be nice. I remember asking her what she wanted, being used to living in the city. I thought then what better place to call home.
Now after going through many different issues including the village park, we come to the windmills. They have put neighbor against neighbor and removed our town government. Now, what we are left with are people, both pro and anti, who hate each other because of them. I at first thought the windmills were the problem, but I think I’m wrong. The problem is not the windmills, but the people.
God refers to people sometimes as sheep, or lambs to the slaughter. Get one sheep to go and the rest will follow. Seems to me that’s us here in Cape Vincent. The slaughter being the ruin of the town I love so much. You can call this whatever you want. I’m not trying to sell you on God or windmills, even though the natural laws God put here will never change.
If we have windmills or not, is not the question. The question is how will you feel about yourself when this is all done, windmills or not? When this is all over, your neighbor will still be there. Will you speak with him/her or will you walk on the other side of the street? Only you have that answer.
We can only do this as a community. If we fail, Cape Vincent will still go on, but we will have the burden of what Cape Vincent turns into. What would you prefer your legacy to be? Are you pro-Cape or pro-you?
Dennis Pearson


Anonymous said...

I am pro Cape. I do not want windmills. I am also pro-God and God encourages people to tell the truth. I do not believe this candidate is on the level with people.
I believe he was sent out there as a front man for the CFG, anti seasonal movement to stir up trouble for our duly elected officials. He signed the less than honest petition and according to a Gary King affidavit the signers were told that it was to be used for the voter resolution that was aimed at our part time residents.

Anonymous said...


This statement by Dennis Pearson proves that he does not have the insight to be sitting on the Town Board:

"I at first thought the windmills were the problem, but I think I’m wrong. The problem is not the windmills, but the people."

So, Dennis is saying, "Have you had enough, yet?"

Of the people of Cape Vincent, Dennis?

Which people, Dennis? Only those who you and your pro-wind cfg-democrats feel are not worthy of living in your town?

Did Dennis read the Gary King affidavit before he agreed to be the front man trouble maker for the CFG-Democrats?

Anonymous said...

Not the windmills, the people? I think this letter was an attempt to split the community and spread hate by a supporter of Bp.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, you are both wrong and right.

The problem is the wind turbines, and the problem also is the people is the people-specifically the pro-wind turbine people!!

Anonymous said...

Well, all of this talk of God and Wind Turbines sounds good but it doesn't cut it with me. I am a native of this area and could say that I had deep pleasant feelings for my neighbors and wished them all the success and happiness one could ask for. Yes, wind turbines are the problem. How one could see it differently is beyond my comprehension. The old town board had every intention of pulling the wool over the eyes of their neighbors so to shove wind turbines into Cape Vincent without the consent of all of its citizens. And it had everything to do with money, money, money. When your neighbor double crosses you, you resent them for it and you fight for your rights.

I don't know how well this town will do when this is all over, if it ever gets all over. If we care to we can blame BP and Acciona for their business tactics. BP hired Marion Trieste to be the needed organizer for Voters for Wind. Put it back on BP and the other foreign wind companies who want to ruin our beautiful Thousand Islands and Golden Crescent.

I voted years ago for the old government the Cape had affiliated with my party line. I trusted them back then. Also, I resent your saying we hate each other. We are angry with each other and time heals "most" wounds.

So, Dennis, take your theory someplace else about old hatreds. It is all about the wind turbines.