BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Please support our efforts to eliminate the concept of wind farms in our area

 The letter below was recently submitted to the public Service Commission in regard to British Petroleum's Application of Cape Vincent Wind Power, LLC, for a

Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need to Construct an Approximately 200-285 Megawatt Wind Electric Generating Facility in the Town of Cape Vincent, New York.

Hello.  I hope you will take the time to read this comment as I believe that my views are consistent with many other seasonal cottage owners and year round homeowners in the Cape Vincent/Clayton area of New York State.  Since I was a young child (many more years than I care to share), I have been coming to Cape Vincent.  It is a treasure few people realize until they actually visit the area.  ...Clear water, unique island vistas, bird and animal habitats, an interesting shipping channel, small towns with locally owned stores and restaurants, festivals, events...and I could go on and on.  And what makes all of this so very special is that the backdrops of the area the beautiful Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence Seaway.

I know that wind power is a heated topic and has separated the Cape Vincent community beyond repair.  Yet, BP continues to work in secretive and unethical ways to make this area a wind community for corporate profit, nothing else.  It has to stop somewhere.  Read the book "Poisoned Legacy" which talks all about BP and then tell me you would do business with them in any capacity, let alone wind farm development in a resort, pristine area.

I implore you to use your influence, power and strength to stop this from happening.  When you look at your legacy, I hope this will be in it.  You could not leave a more important one.    Please support our efforts to eliminate the concept of wind farms in our area.  Thank you.

Sandy Heerkens


Anonymous said...

Having also read the 'Poisoned Legacy' I am left with a better understanding of why Cape Vincent is so split and fractured, because it is the way BP does business. Any corporation that has such little regard for its employees, they have the worst corporate safety history of any major corporation, has even less interest in maintaining good corporate community relations. Aside from what anyone may think of wind energy as a matter of public policy, BP should be thrown out of town for the simple reason they could care less about people. They only care about their bottom line - profits over people.

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