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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Re-elect Hirshey, Bragdon and Oswald

All residents of Jefferson County should be aware that industrial wind turbines could blanket most of our county if we don’t work together to protect it. There are already 86 industrial turbines on Wolfe Island across from Cape Vincent.
BP wants to put another 124 in Cape Vincent. Spanish Iberdrola has made reservation on the electrical grid for 188 turbines spread between Clayton, Orleans, Lyme and Brownville. That could mean almost 400 industrial wind turbines in this beautiful area that we love so much.
The Iberdrola developer said they would like turbines to be 497 feet tall, with only a 700 to 800 foot setback from property lines. These turbines would be visible to everyone from Watertown to the islands in the St. Lawrence River and along Lake Ontario.
Even if you are not slated to get a 497-foot turbine near your property, you would still need to pass near them to get to Watertown. To see what it would feel like, go to Cape Vincent and take the ferry to Wolfe Island and feel how that peaceful and beautiful island was transformed into an industrial park.
Watch the glowing and flashing lights at night. Read about the bird and bat kills because of the blades.
I am proud of how Cape Vincent came together and elected good people to protect their town. Instead of backroom deals for family and friends, they enjoy a friendly, open and transparent government.
All people are treated with respect and kindness. Cape Vincent Supervisor Urban Hirshey and board members Brooks Bragdon and Michelle Oswald are up for election this year, and I hope everyone votes for them again.
The Cape Vincent Elementary School (kindergarten through fifth grades) has only about 100 students. If 124 wind turbines come to Cape Vincent, I fear that the school will close because many parents have already said that they would move away if the turbines come.
Many articles have been written about how small schools will have to merge with other schools to save money. New York State can discontinue state aid if a school has too few students.
If you want to keep Cape Vincent Elementary School open, please vote for Urban Hirshey, Brooks Bragdon and Michelle Oswald. They are working hard to bring people and businesses to Cape Vincent and to protect the health and safety of everyone.
Cindy Grant

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Why, Does it take those dummies twice as long to get anything right the first time.