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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Will BP's Survey be used to Marginalize the Scenic Splendor of Cape Vincent ?

BP has submitted  their Public Involvement Plan monthly tracking report for the month of August, to the Public Service Commission . Link below to view complete report

One item listed for Aug. on page 20 ,caught my eye .   A Scenic Resource Survey .  Their tracking report states that the survey will be distributed to local community groups and all residents of the Town of Cape Vincent , and the Town of Lyme. They also state that it will be provided both in hard copy and electronic format to ensure maximum outreach. 
The survey  is asking for opinions on which places within the Town's of Cape Vincent and Lyme are most beautiful and the most memorable, as well as characteristics of particular locations and landscape.    

BP  has not decided what this information will be used for.  If they do not like the results they have the option not to use it.
I have not yet received a survey so I went to BP's CVWF website looking for the electronic version unfortunately ,I could not locate it. However, that does not mean it is not there  Bp's website is not user friendly so it is entirely possible that is there.and I missed it.

The bottom line is what the heck is BP up to ?   Will this survey be used by  BP's to marginalize  the scenic splendor of Cape Vincent ?


Link here to read August's tracking report without downloading

Link here to read July's tracking report without downloading


Anonymous said...

This survey was probably suggested to Chandler by young Joe Giaquinto, who proclaimed at a public hearing that "there is nothing beautiful in Cape Vincent"

This is a slimy maneuver by BP to offset the significance of the scenic nature of the Cape as part of the 1000 Islands.

Anyone who answers such a survey is a fool,eager to have their opinion manipulated.

Anonymous said...

If you have a comment about scenic significance in Cape Vincent give it directly to the PSC in their public hearing comment section.

It is not Bp's job to determine write what is in effect the job of the Town and Village Comprehensive Plan.

Anonymous said...

Cape Vincent and Lyme are the most beautiful, well it certainly doesn't look as beautiful as those turbines on Wolfe Island.