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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Windfarm Mortality: Environmental Disinformation, Ecodamage

 Put simply, wind farms are causing considerable damage to nature’s balance, for no benefit whatsoever to society. Indeed, no country in the world has reduced its carbon footprint thanks to them…. It is high time to call a moratorium on wind farms, and examine the situation after ditching our blinkers  
 Wind turbines kill birds and bats, we all know that, but the billion-dollar question is: how many? I say “billion” because subsidies to the wind industry run into billions of dollars per year in the United States alone, and chances are the public would not support such expenditures if they found out that these machines were driving iconic, useful or beautiful species into extinction. It is therefore important to find out the extent of the mortality caused by their rotor blades and high tension power lines.
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Anonymous said...

How then can we all be so wrong embracing a technology that is a fluke, a flop and a failure? And it isn't just a flaw in our government's green hug for industrial wind - it's all over the world. How can everyone else be wrong and a small bunch of us malcontents be right?

I think religion and God can provide some insight. People have faith in what they HOPE will be their and the world's salvation. It is all blind faith because the science for the hereafter and God is non-existent. People believe in God and have religious convictions because it feels right and it feels good.

This is also why the better part of the world has a love affair with industrial wind, it is green, it is touted as being needed to save the planet, and it just feels good. All the qualities characteristic of some junk religion. I'm surprised advocates and true believers of industrial wind don't stand on street corners and airport terminals handing out leaflets to the rest of us poor, dumb-ass non-believers.

Industrial wind may feel good, but the reality is it doesn't do much more than make some of us feel good. Imagine, spending all that money and driving a few people nuts just so most of the world can feel good. What a bummer.

Anonymous said...