BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A concerned Citizen Comments to the Public Service Commission Concerning BP's Cape Vincent Wind Farm

My home faces Cape Vincent.  One of the most beautiful times of day is the Sunset.  If wind turbines were erected, that view will be forever gone.  I have done in depth research on both the adverse effects and the benefits of Wind Power.  I discovered that the aversities far outweigh any benfit derived from these unsightly towers.  The noise, tremors in the earth, shadow flicker and the harm inflicted on our bird and bat population should be enough to have anyone say not here in our community.  BP has  decieved and lied to the citizens of the Town ofLyme.  I am disgusted that they would put a price tag on our community and some people will follow along with them.  Wind turbines should not be placed in flat lands, nor along the shores of Lake Ontario.  They do nothing but destroy the scenic beauty of our rural area. 

Link here to the Public Service Commission Website to make your comment

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