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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BP Is Abandoning The Article 10 Process For Their Proposed Cape Vincent Wind Farm

BP is abandoning the Article 10 process, they said as much in their most recent letter to the Public Service Commission .

In his letter to the PSC, BP Director of Business Development  Richard Chandler stated that all decisions and actions including the stipulation phase regarding the Article 10 process will be handled by the new owner of the project. He also added that   “we continue to advance the project during the divestment process .”

BP has been involved in the stipulation phase of the Article 10, Process since May 21, 2013 this is a period where the applicant works with stake holders to reach agreement on issues of common concern. 
Realistically how can they possibly be advancing the project if they have disengaged from the stipulation process, which is the current phase of the Article 10 process.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously it is doubletalk. They are done here, after almost a decade of attempted rape.