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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cape Vincent's Voter Fraud Fiasco

  It is vital that the residents of Cape Vincent understand how important the upcoming election is.

Prior to the 2011, election a petition was circulated around town to stop what was referred to as voter fraud. 
Harold L. Wiley, a lifelong Cape Vincent resident, and chairman of the local Democratic Party submitted  a  petition to the Town Board August 11, 2011 urging a voter driver’s license requirement.  

 "We believe it is unethical to carry out a voter drive to manipulate the outcome of coming elections." Mr. Wiley said.
"In my opinion, it's voter fraud, Mr. Wiley said of the registration drive. "I used to know everybody in Cape Vincent. But among those 250 voters, I'd be suprised if I knew more than 10 people.

The petition Harold Wiley presented to the board read as follows:

 It is our firm belief that unethical if not illegal voting methods were implemented which
pre-determined the outcome of the local elections held in Cape Vincent, New York in 2009 and that those same methods are being utilized once again in order to manipulate the outcome of the upcoming November elections.
Therefore, we the undersigned concerned residents of Cape Vincent, New York respectfully request that the Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent, New York takes action to resolve this issue.

After the petition was submitted to the board Town Councilman Donny Mason introduced a resolution to restrict voting to those registered voters that met certain ID requirements.

"I can’t believe anybody would be against not taking care of voter fraud if it's happening. " "Everybody ought to be in favor of non voter fraud" Mr. Mason said

 The resolution read as follows:
WHEREAS: The Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent herein takes the following action to address and resolve this issue. NOW THEREFORE
BE IT RESOLVED that before voting in person in a Town of Cape Vincent election, voters must first show a current New York State driver’s license with a Cape Vincent address to prove residency."

Please take the time to watch these important videos 

In video below H.Wiley presents his   * In video below D. Mason proposes
voter fraud petition to the TOCVTB   *   voter fraud resolution


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Anonymous said...

Harold's action was one of the saddest moments in Cape Vincent political history. Unfortunately, Harold is still the Dem Chair and his committee is all pro wind who agreed with bad ethics and the wind development that split the community and caused the social problems. They now want to put the same kind back in power and have run a campaign of lies and personal vendetta. They have sent an errand boy out to do that for them.

Anonymous said...

Calling this this a fiasco is too kind.

It was a direct and purposeful assault on Cape Vincent Citizens by the Citizens for Fair Government and the Democrat Chair. On the letters sent to assessors Gary King and Harold Wiley were named as senders.

That petition was signed by Mr. and Mrs. Fixit who are running for board member and clerk.

Stick with the incumbents, Bragdon, Oswald and Hirschey. We do not want ignorant people on the board who are not even qualified to sign the oath supporting the NY and US constitutions.

Anonymous said...

Well said - in this case, history is a great

Remember....seasonal residents represent 75% of the town tax base. What will happen to tax rates if some, many, all of those residents decide to "walk away" from these seasonal homes? Although the Democrat candidates for Town Board are claiming "bad financial" handling by our current Town Board.....can you imagine what would happen if they get elected, somehow get an industrial wind turbine development in this town and the seasonal residents start walking away from their homes? Seriously......not an impossible situtaion - so support our current board for reelection -

VOTE HIRSCHEY, BRAGDON AND OSWALD on November 5 - Keep the progress going!