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Sunday, October 13, 2013


 Below is a letter to the editor recently published in the Thousand Islands Sun. 
The writer  has taken selected segments of headlines and stories from the Watertown Times in order to support their argument that the current Town Board members should be voted out . This letter hides and ignores the whole story which actually refutes their argument. 
After each headline is a link to the original Watertown Times story plus brief snippets highlighted in blue that clarifies what each article or letter is about.

From the Thousand Islands Sun

Enough is enough
These are headlines from the last few years in the watertown Daily Times.

Published on Dec.14, 2012,
 page B3 , Watertown Daily Times : “Auditors find controls lacking payroll process : Cape Vincent given areas to improve .” A recent audit found that the Village government needs to address internal control weaknesses.

This article is about the Village Board of Cape Vincent and not the Town Board. Apparently, the writer of this letter thinks that the Village Board and Town Board are one and the same.
 Link to original

Published on Aug. 21, 2012.
page A1, Watertown Daily Times : “Cape Vincent disputing hookups first wind, now water: town claims residents are uncooperative ; users say they were unfairly targeted .”

The Watertown Times story I found from Aug. 21,2012 concerning water hookups was slightly different the headline read~ Cape suspects illegal water hookups

CAPE VINCENT — Several Cape Vincent residents including the commissioner of the state Department of Agriculture and Markets have refused to allow engineers on their property to verify whether unauthorized connections have been made to the town's Water District 2, according to a report. 
 Link to original

Published Feb. 21, 2012 ,
page A6, Watertown Daily Times; “The wailing and gnashing teeth of government .” Here is a list of the five worst run governments in the north country.” Carthage school District , city of Ogdensburg , town of Cape Vincent, village of Potsdam, village of Goveneur.

The headline above was conveniently cut short it actually reads
 Here is a list of the five worst-run governments in the north country:
Carthage School District, City of Ogdensburg, Town of Cape Vincent, Village of Potsdam, Village of Gouverneur.
On second thought, the five worst-run governments are actually:
Massena School District, St. Lawrence County, Town of Hounsfield, General Brown School District, Town of Lyme. 
 Link to original

Published on July 7, 2011,
page B1, Watertown Daily Times: “Panel left without a quorum/Cape Vincent crisis; chairman, two others quit planning board .

CAPE VINCENT — Following the recent resignation of town Planning Board Chairman Richard J. Edsall, two other board members — Patrick W. McCarthy and Thomas K. Rienbeck — have stepped down, leaving the Planning Board without a quorum and unable to conduct business. This concerned the resignations of Planning Board members and had nothing to do with the TB. 
 Link to original

Published on Jan. 14, 2011,
page A1, Watertown Daily Times: Cape Supervisor under fire/ resignation demanded: predecessor accuses him of leaking confidential material .”

The facts concerning this story are ~ Voters for Wind and Three Town Board Members, formed an alliance and called for an investigation as a result of Supervisor Hirschey’s release of FOILED documents that exposed Acciona & BP's sound study as fraudulent. Additionally, EX Supervisor Reinbeck called for Hirschey’s immediate dismissal. Their plan backfired, bringing attention to the content of the fraudulent sound study. The Attorney General dismissed their request to investigate. 
 Link to original

Published on Nov. 11, 2010,
p age B3 Watertown Daily Times: “Cape Vincent Supervisor adds pay raise to budget.” Town Supervisor adds pay raise to budget. “ Town Supervisor Urban C. Hirschey is giving himself a 14.1 percent raise next year . Under the town's preliminary 2011 budget.

CAPE VINCENT — Town Supervisor Urban C. Hirschey is giving himself a 14.1 percent raise next year, under the town's preliminary 2011 budget, to bring his salary up to what his predecessor was making before being voted out of office in 2009.
 Link to original

Published on Aug. 25, 2010,
page B1, Watertown Daily Times: “State to pick up records in probe of Cape Vincent.” Staff from the state attorney generals office will be in town Friday to pick up records as part of an investigation into allegations of misconduct by some town officials.

CAPE VINCENT — Staff from the state attorney general's office will be in town Friday to pick up records as part of an investigation into allegations of misconduct by some town officials in connection to wind power development. This investigation was prompted by the conduct of certain board members but none of the current board members were involved.  
 Link to original

Published on March 24, 2010,
page A6, Watertown Daily Times: Backroom politics in Cape Vincent.”

This was a letter to the Editor complaining about issues concerning Cape Vincent's village board . Again the writer of this letter does not know the difference between the TB and Village board. 
 Link to original

Enough is enough- it is critical you vote to restore sanity and balance to the town of Cape Vincent. Support Al Wood for Supervisor, Dennis Pearson and Paul Aubertine for town council and Betty Pearson for town clerk.

Ian McCallum ,

Auditors find weaknesses in village of Cape Vincent’s internal controls
Cape suspects illegal water hookups
Listen! Hear that? It is the wailing and gnashing teeth of government

 Backroom politics in Cape Vincent


Anonymous said...

"restore sanity" ?? with Al Wood, AKA civic charlie, as supervisor??

gimmee a break, If Al wood is elected supervisor we will quickly become "the most laughed at Town government" in New York.

Stay Focused said...

Wow. I've been watching politics for a lot of years. Never seen anything as trashy and inept as this.
They must believe that a winning strategy is to appeal to people who have not been paying any attention to anything and/or people who harbor such a deep seated resentment that no facts really matter anyway.
How many voters do they think are out there who fit that description? Or maybe they just don't care. They just want to indulge their own anger. Whatever - but angry people tend not to think very clearly.

Anonymous said...

The article is another example of " pulling the trigger before taking the gun out of the holster". Clearly the writer assumed that readers are stupid and not able to figure out that the headlines are incomplete and/or misleading. As has been said before, this type of brain washing does not work and actually benefits the victims in the long run. VOTE FOR THE INCUMBENTS.

Anonymous said...

Sure looks as if an Ian McCallum that gives a hoot about Cape Vincent does not exist. The Sun had better check into the possibility of someone using false identity.