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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Iberdrola back on track with Clayton wind project

CLAYTON — Iberdrola Renewables will pursue the Horse Creek Wind Farm project, but could deviate from its latest plan.
Breaking its monthslong silence since January, the developer of the proposed wind project in Clayton told town officials it is modifying its proposal in response to “poor economic conditions, coupled with regulatory uncertainty.” Continue...

Letter from IBERDROLA to Town of Clayton


Anonymous said...

Whenever Jenny and Iberdrola get their act together, Clayton will welcome them with open arms. A couple of discreet, cozy,lunches at the Crystal with J Taylor will seal the deal.

Anonymous said...

This WDT story is good and accurate.

The headline is misleading and inconsistent with the story. Spicing up headlines is common. But the headline shouldn't contradict the story.